Custom lentivirus production services

Offered for any construct including ORF cDNA, CRISPR sgRNA, shRNA, miRNA precursors,, and promoter reporters, custom lentivirus production services give you the option to choose from a wide range of expression vectors with and without fusion tags.

GeneCopoeia also offers pre-made lentivirus for iPSC genes, luciferases, fluorescent genes, positive and negative control, and many more.


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For ORF, promoter, miRNA and inhibitor lentiviral particles,check the price directly here.
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* The titer may vary depending on the size of the insert or possible toxicity of the transgene to the packaging cells.
8. Indicate the source of shRNA(s)
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9. If there are more than one shRNA clones for the same target gene, such as GeneCopoeia’s shRNA clone set, how would you like them to be packaged?
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Pool the shRNA clones together then package them as a pool
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8. Choose a lentiviral vector backbone that meets your need from the table below. (To view table, select an option in Q2)
Order Vector ID Promoter N-Tag C-Tag or Reporter Selection marker
pReceiver-Lv105 CMV N/A N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv151 CMV N/A N/A Neomycin
pReceiver-Lv152 CMV N/A N/A Hygromycin
pReceiver-Lv153 CMV N/A N/A N/A
pReceiver-Lv156 EF1a N/A N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv186 CMV N/A C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv157 CMV N/A C-3xHA Neomycin
pReceiver-Lv120 CMV N/A C-3xHA Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv108 CMV N-Avi N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv124 CMV N/A C-Avi Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv154 CMV N/A C-eCFP Neomycin
pReceiver-Lv127 CMV N/A C-eCFP Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv109 CMV N-eCFP N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv103 CMV N-eGFP N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv122 CMV N/A C-eGFP Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv182 CMV N-eGFP N/A Neomycin
pReceiver-Lv183 CMV N/A C-eGFP Neomycin
pReceiver-Lv189 CMV N-eGFP N/A N/A
pReceiver-Lv123 CMV N/A C-eYFP Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv104 CMV N-eYFP N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv187 CMV N/A C-FLAG N/A
pReceiver-Lv101 CMV N-Flag N/A Neomycin
pReceiver-Lv121 CMV N/A C-FLAG Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv102 CMV N-Flag N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv158 CMV N/A C-FLAG Neomycin
pReceiver-Lv203 CMV N/A C-Flag-SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv216 CMV N/A C-Flag-SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv129 CMV N/A C-Halotag Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv110 CMV N-Halotag N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv211 CMV N/A C-Halotag-IRES-hygromycin Hygromycin
pReceiver-Lv128 CMV N/A C-His Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv215 CMV N/A N/A N/A
pReceiver-Lv205 CMV N/A IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv220 CMV N/A N/A Hygromycin
pReceiver-Lv214 CMV N/A N/A N/A
pReceiver-Lv213 CMV N/A IRES2-mCherry-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv111 CMV N-mCherry N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv130 CMV N/A C-mCherry Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv155 CMV N/A C-mCherry Neomycin
pReceiver-Lv107 CMV N-Myc N/A Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv125 CMV N/A C-Myc Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv126 CMV N/A C-Myc-His Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv202 CMV N/A C-Myc-SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv204 CMV N/A C-Myc-SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv207 CMV N/A SV40-eGFP-IRES-hygromycin Hygromycin
pReceiver-Lv201 CMV N/A SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv217 CMV N/A SV40-hLUC-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv206 CMV N/A SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin Puromycin
pReceiver-Lv165 EF1a N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv166 EF1a N/A IRES2-mcherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv224 EF1a N/A IRES2-mcherry-IRES-puromycin Purimycin
pReceiver-Lv225 EF1a N/A IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin Purimycin
pReceiver-Lv228 PGK N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv229 PGK N/A IRES2-mcherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv230 PGK N/A IRES2-mcherry-IRES-puromycin Purimycin
pReceiver-Lv231 PGK N/A IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin Purimycin
pReceiver-Lv242 CMV N/A C-Avi-FLAG Puromycin
pLX304 CMV N/A C-Avi-FLAG Puromycin

* Tev protease site

Order Vector ID Promoter Reporter gene Selection marker Viral type
pEZX-MR02 CMV mCherry Puromycin HIV
pEZX-MR03 CMV eGFP Puromycin HIV
Order Vector ID Promoter Reporter gene Selection marker
pEZX-AM03 H1 mCherry Hygromycin
pEZX-AM04 U6 mCherry Hygromycin
pEZX-AM04p U6 mCherry Puromycin
Order Vector ID Promoter Reporter gene Selection marker Viral type
psi-LVRH1GH H1 EGFP Hygromycin HIV
psi-LVRH1GP H1 eGFP Puromycin HIV
psi-LVRH1H H1 N/A Hygromycin HIV
psi-LVRH1MH H1 mcherry Hygromycin HIV
psi-LVRH1MP H1 mCherry Puromycin HIV
psi-LVRH1P H1 N/A Puromycin HIV
psi-LVRU6GH U6 EGFP Hygromycin HIV
psi-LVRU6GP U6 eGFP Puromycin HIV
psi-LVRU6H U6 N/A Hygromycin HIV
psi-LVRU6MH U6 mcherry Hygromycin HIV
psi-LVRU6MP U6 mCherry Puromycin HIV
psi-LVRU6P U6 N/A Puromycin HIV
Order Vector ID Promoter Reporter gene Selection marker
pCRISPR-LvSG03 U6 mCherry Puromycin
Order Vector ID Reporter gene Tracking gene Selection marker
pEZX-LvPG04 Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) Secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) Puromycin
pEZX-LvPG02 Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) N/A* Puromycin
pEZX-LvPF02 eGFP N/A* Puromycin
pEZX-LvPM02 mCherry N/A* Puromycin
pEZX-LvPM03 tdTomato N/A* Puromycin
9. Special requirements and comments ( e.g. If the choices of vector do not include the promoter, selection marker or tag that you need or if you have other special requirements, please let us know )

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