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All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR Reagent Kits and Validated Primers


The All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR reagent kits include the All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR Detection Kits 2.0 and the All-in-One™ miRNA First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kits 2.0. When used with All-in-One™ Validated miRNA Primers or miProfile™ miRNA qPCR Arrays, the result is high-performance expression-profiling of all miRNAs.

A novel optimized blend of poly A polymerase and reverse transcriptase with an PAP/RT buffer that was specifically developed for the All-in-One Reverse Transcriptase Mix delivers maximum activity of both enzymes for robust first-strand cDNA synthesis from mature miRNAs. The All-in-One™ First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit 2.0 is optimized for use with miProfile qPCR Arrays.

The All-in-One™ RT-PCR Detection Kit 2.0 includes both RT and PCR reagents. It combines PCR technology and SYBR® Green to make fast and accurate quantification of mature miRNAs from as little as 10 pg of small RNA or 20 pg of total RNA samples. The kit is designed for use with All-in-One Validated miRNA Primers.

All-in-One™ miRNA assays provide sensitivity and specificity you can afford

  • Detect miRNAs from as little as 10 pg of small RNA or 20 pg of total RNA
  • Compatible with GeneCopoeia miRNA qPCR arrays or validated miRNA-specific primers


All-in-One™ miRNA assays are fast and easy

Figure 1. Overview of steps involved in the All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR Detection Kit 2.0. During 3' polyadenylation, M-MLV RTase and a unique Oligo dT Adaptor primer, reverse transcribes the poly A miRNAs. The kit qRT-PCR Mix, containing SYBR® Green specifically detects the reverse transcribed miRNAs.


Combine these tools with GeneCopoeia miRNA plasmid constructs and assays for comprehensive functional analysis studies.


*miRNA-specific primers sold separately.

Trademarks: SYBR® (Molecular Probes)