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Premade Labeled Cancer Cell Lines

Luciferase + GFP

Luciferase+GFP Dual-Labeled Cancer Cell Lines

GeneCopoeia's pre-made labeled cancer cell lines are dual-labeled with luciferase and GFP. Robust luciferase expression permits highly sensitive, non-invasive detection of cancer cell growth and progression in vivo, beginning soon after injection. In addition, GFP expression is useful for in vivo tumor monitoring without the need for substrate perfusion, or for in vitro visualization and immunocytochemistry. Choose from among 26 pre-made lines from various tumor types, including breast, liver, pancreas, and colon. GeneCopoeia also carries stable cell lines single-labeled with GFP.


  • Study tumor cell properties using biochemical and genetic methods in vitro.
  • Monitor tumor growth, progression, and metastasis in vivo in response to a variety of environmental stimuli, drugs, and other therapeutic treatments.


Buy Cat No. Cancer Cell Line Old Cat No. Tissue Size Price, Academic Price, Industry
SL001 NCI-H1299 SCL-C01-HLG Lung 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL002 NCI-H661 SCL-C02-HLG  Lung 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL003 NCI-H1975 SCL-C03-HLG Lung 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL004 LoVo SCL-C04-HLG Colon 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL005 COLO 205 SCL-C05-HLG Colon 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL006 HT-29 SCL-C06-HLG Colon 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL007 SNU-475 SCL-C07-HLG Liver 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL008 C3A SCL-C08-HLG Liver 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL009 PLC/PRF/5 SCL-C09-HLG Liver 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL010 Panc 10.05 SCL-C010-HLG Pancreas 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL011 CFPAC-1 SCL-C011-HLG Pancreas 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL012 BxPC-3 SCL-C012-HLG Pancreas 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL013 KATO III SCL-C013-HLG Stomach 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL014 NCI-N87 SCL-C014-HLG Stomach 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL015 AGS SCL-C015-HLG Stomach 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL016 HCC70 SCL-C016-HLG Breast 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL017 MCF7 SCL-C017-HLG Breast 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL018 MDA-MB-231 N/A Breast 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL019 K562 N/A Bone marrow 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL020 NEW 4T-1 N/A Breast 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL022 HT-1080 N/A Connective tissue 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL021 NEW CT26 N/A Colon 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL026 NEW HCC827 N/A Lung 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL027 NEW MDA-MB-468 N/A Breast 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL028 NEW H1437 N/A Lung 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL033 NEW SK-HEP-1 N/A Liver 2×106 cells $945 $1945
SL036 NEW SNU-449 N/A Liver 2×106 cells $945 $1945

Disclaimer: Pricing for premade cell lines are for customers in the US and Canada only. International customers, please contact your local distributor for pricing.


In vivo monitoring of tumor growth and metastasis provides a powerful means for studying cancer properties and the development of effective therapies. Mouse models created with tumor xenografts, resulting from subcutaneous or tail vein injection of cells, have long been used for such purposes. However, without a convenient means to visualize cancer progression in these animals, invasive surgical procedures are required in order to estimate the size and weight of primary and metastatic tumors, and cannot be used for early stages in tumor development. Surgery often requires sacrificing the animals, leading to the need for large numbers of individuals and increasing the cost and risk of sampling errors.


SL001 (NCI-H1299 Lung Cancer Cell Line) SL003 (NCI-H1975 Lung Cancer Cell Line)
SL016 (HCC70 Breast Cancer Cell Line) SL017 (MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell Line)


Figure 1. Luciferase activity of dual-labeled cancer cell lines


A: SL001 (NCI-H1299 Lung Cancer Cell Line)
B: SL003 (NCI-H1975 LungCancer Cell Line)
C: SL016 (HCC70 Breast Cancer Cell Line)

D: SL017 (MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell Line)



SL001 (NCI-H1299  Lung Cancer Cell Line) SL003 (NCI-H1975 Lung Cancer Cell Line) SL016 (HCC70 Breast Cancer Cell Line) SL017 (MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell Line)


Figure 2. Dual-labeled cancer cell line expressing GFP

GFP fluorescence after exposure for 100 mS at 95% cell confluence using a Nikon Fluorescence Microscope


A: SL001 (NCI-H1299 Lung Cancer Cell Line)
B: SL003 (NCI-H1975 Lung Cancer Cell Line)
C: SL016 (HCC70 Breast Cancer Cell Line)

D: SL017 (MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell Line)




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