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Custom Services

GeneCopoeia offers high quality and comprehensive custom services, including custom cloning services for ORF cDNAs, promoter reporters, miRNA 3’ UTR targets, CRISPR and shRNAs. Gene synthesis services, high titer and ultra purified lentivirus production services as well as mammalian stable cell line development services for recombinant protein and antibody production, drug screening, and other applications are also available.


Custom Cloning Services

  • GeneCopoeia is your premier and economical source for custom clone construction for ORF cDNA, gene reporters, miRNA 3’ UTR targets, shRNA and CRISPR


ORF mutant clones


Lentivirus production services 

  • High titer (guaranteed titer > 10^8 TU/ml)
  • Fast turnaround (2-4 weeks)
  • No additional cloning fees


Custom gene synthesis services

  • Fast turnaround custom gene synthesis services
  • Competitive pricing


Mammalian stable cell line development services

  • GeneCopoeia offers state-of-the-art services for establishing stable cell lines for protein overexpression, gene knockdown or genome editing that meet your specific research needs