Popular product areas and services

Clone collections

ORF cDNA, CRISPR, shRNA, miRNA, promoter, TRE, and more


Antigen microarrays

Predesigned antigen arrays and custom screening services

Genome editing

CRISPR, indel detection, donors, cell lines, mouse lines, Safe Harbor, FISH, TALEN


microRNA solutions

qPCR arrays and primers, qPCR kits, 3'UTR clones, precursor clones, inhibitor clones

Viral delivery systems

Lentiviral and AAV Systems


qPCR products

Arrays, primers, RT-PCR kits

Cell line products and services

Premade CRISPR and cancer-related stable cell lines, custom cell line services for ORF, CRISPR, shRNA and more


Reagents and kits

Luciferase kits, transfection reagents, cloning system, FISH probes, and more



GeneCopoeia Expertise

GeneCopoeia, Inc. a U.S.-based functional genomics company founded in 1999, develops cutting edge products and services for genomics, proteomics, and molecular and cellular biology. With emphasis on innovative R&D and superior product quality, GeneCopoeia serves the needs of biomedical scientists in academic research, and R&D of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products in their pursuit of discoveries and innovations.

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