GeneHero™ CRISPR human sgRNA libraries


GeneCopoeia offers CRISPR sgRNA libraries for high-throughput knockout of human genes in specific or custom gene groups or pathways. Loss-of-function screening by gene knockout is a powerful tool for systematic genetic analysis in mammalian cells, facilitating gene discovery, genome-scale functional interrogation (e.g. signal transduction pathways) and drug discovery (e.g. target identification and drug mechanism studies).

The GeneHero™ human single guide RNA (sgRNA) libraries are individually cloned into lentiviral vectors and sequence-verified for dual-use (transfection or transduction) delivery methods designed for large-scale functional screens. For each targeted gene, a minimum of 2 barcoded sgRNAs targeting different regions are created, optimized and sequence-verified to ensure efficient gene knockout. Further, each sgRNA-expressing plasmid is individually cultured in E. coli before pooling, providing the best possible representation of each sgRNA in the pools. The libraries can be ordered as pools of sgRNAs in pre-defined gene families or as custom sets, and are available as lentiviral particles, transfection-ready plasmid DNA or bacterial stocks. They can be transfected or transduced into cell lines, including those stably expressing Cas9 nuclease.



Figure 1. Illustration of large scale screening with sgRNA library