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AAV Serotype Testing Kit

GeneCopoeia’s AAVPrime™ Adeno-associated virus (AAV) Serotype Testing Kit contains 9 premade GFP-expressing AAV in serotypes 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, DJ and DJ/8. All AAV serotypes are offered in 5 x 1012 GC/ml, which is ideal for testing the infection efficiency of serotypes on different cell types.


AAV serotype testing kit

AAV of different serotypes carrying GFP were used to transduce HT1080 cell line at MOI 20,000 as shown in the figure above. Fluorescent images (GFP) show that cells are transduced with AAV-GFP.


Why do different AAV serotypes show tissue tropism?

All AAV serotypes are non-enveloped, single-stranded DNA parvoviruses. They share some properties including genome size, organization and similar inverted terminal repeats. Despite similarities, different serotypes display significant differences in transduction efficiency and tissue tropism. AAV cellular entry is determined by its interactions with specific cell surface glycans and proteinaceous receptor(s). Different AAV serotypes have evolved distinctive interactions with the same receptor, therefore displaying various tissue tropism.

Which serotype should I use in my experiment?

Serotype Primary Target Tissues Description
AAV-1 Muscle Best for cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, neuronal and glial tissue.
AAV-2 Muscle, Liver, Retina Oldest and most commonly-used serotype. Best for neurons, muscle, liver, and brain.
AAV-3 Megakaryocytes Best for megakaryocytes, muscle, liver, lung, and retina.
AAV-4 Retina Best for neurons, muscle, brain, and retina.
AAV-5 Lung Best for lung, neurons, synovial joint, retina, and pancreas.
AAV-6 Muscle, Lung Best for lung, liver, and heart.
AAV-7 Muscle, Retina, Neurons Best for muscle, neurons, and liver.
AAV-8 Liver Best for muscle, brain, liver, and retina.
AAV-9 Various Best for muscle, heart, liver, lung, and brain.
AAV-10 Pleura, CNS Cloned from Cynomolgus, almost identical with AAVrh10 except for 12 amino acids in VP1. Best for lung, muscle, heart, CNS, and liver.
AAV-DJ Various A mixture of 8 naturally-occurring serotypes. Efficiently transduces a wide variety of cell types in vitro.
AAV-DJ/8 Various A variant of AAV-DJ with a mutation that permits infection of liver as well as other tissues in vivo.

AAV serotypes tropisms in tissue types


Buy Cat # Product Description Titer Size Price
AA320 AAVPrime™ AAV Serotype Testing Kit 5 x 1012 GC/ml 9 x 25 µl $795
NEW! AAV of different serotypes expressing GFP can be ordered separately as AAV control particles.