Mammalian Stable Cell Line Development Services

Stable cell lines are widely used in recombinant protein and antibody production, drug screening, gene functional studies and other applications. They can grow continuously over a prolonged period of time and stably carry a genetic modification or express a transgene without significant changes in expression levels.

GeneCopoeia offers state-of-the-art services for establishing stable cell lines for protein overexpression, gene knockdown or genome editing that meet your specific research needs.


Stable Cell Lines With ORF Clones

Overexpression of proteins is critical for many applications, including large-scale antibody production, live cell imaging for localization experiments, and purification for structure-function studies. Traditional overexpression in bacteria often renders eukaryotic proteins insoluble, due to misfolding and/or improper post-translational modification. Therefore, it is highly desirable to be able to express eukaryotic proteins in a physiologically relevant system.

GeneCopoeia offers the generation of stable cell lines that can overexpress virtually any protein of interest in your cell line of choice. Customers can choose to have their own expression cassette integrated into the genome, or from GeneCopoeia’s extensive ORF clone collection.


  • Monoclonal antibody production
  • Protein production for biochemical assays
  • Protein production for crystal or NMR structural determination
  • Fusion tagging for live cell imaging
  • Fusion tagging for pulldown/immunoprecipitation
  • Drug target analysis


  • Largest collection of sequence-verified and expression-ready ORF clones/lentiviral particles reduces turnaround time and ensures high quality.
  • Choice of promoters for toxic gene expression
  • Matrix attachment regions (MAR) option for increased open-chromatin site integration
  • Safe harbor knock-in ORF clones available for designated safe site integration and physiological levels of transgene expression
  • DHFR or GS gene amplification available

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