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Premade stable cell lines expressing cell structure proteins

GeneCopoeia carries  premade stable cell lines that stably  express cell structure related proteins such as  ACTC1 and  α-tubulin. These cell lines are convenient, cost-effective tools for studying cell structure.  Each cell structure protein is fused in-frame with RFP, enabling ready visualization throughout the experiment. 


  • Convenience. Avoid spending 2 or more months constructing and validating a stable cell line.
  • Choose from a variety of widely-used and popular cell lines.
  • Next-day shipping.


Buy Catalog # Product Selection marker Size Price,Academic Price,Industry
SL201 Human cell line H1299 stably expressing RFP-ACTC1 Puromycin 2×10^6 cells/vial $945 $1945
SL202 Human cell line H1299 stably expressing RFP-α-tubulin Puromycin 2×10^6 cells/vial $945 $1945

Disclaimer: Pricing for premade cell lines are for customers in the US and Canada only. International customers, please contact your local distributor for pricing.




Figure1.  H1299/RFP Labeled Actin Cell Line. Actin is labeled with RFP. Nuclei (blue) are stained with DAPI.