ExProfile™ Disease and Gene Group qPCR Arrays


ExProfile™ disease qPCR arrays and ExProfile™ gene group qPCR arrays can be used to study the expression profiling of specific disease-related genes and the expression profiling of functional gene groups respectively. The genes on both types of arrays are carefully chosen based on a thorough literature search of peer-reviewed publications.

In each 96-well catalog array plate there are up to 84 pairs of PCR primers, which have been pre-validated and deposited in designated wells. In each plate there also are 12 wells of controls for monitoring the efficiency of the entire experimental process: from reverse transcription to qPCR reaction.

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Key advantages

Close correlation

  • Genes are carefully chosen for their close correlation with diseases and gene functional groups based on a thorough literature search of peer-reviewed publications

Robust performance

  • Sensitive – Detects as low as 4 copies of RNA using ExProfile qPCR array and recommended reagents/conditions
  • Broad linearity – Simultaneously detects mRNAs at different expression levels
  • Reproducible – High reproducibility (R2> 0.99) for inter-array and intra-array replicates

Validated primers

  • Each primer is designed using a proprietary algorithm and has been experimentally  validated