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Reagents Kits & Proteins

GeneCopoeia offer various high quality, cost-effective reagents for your molecular biology research.

AviTag related products Biotin protein ligase and bacterial strains
  EndoFectin™ transfection reagents
MycoGuard™ mycoplasma PCR detection kit
Cell culture  products      
    EZShuttle™ recombination cloning system
Fast-Fusion™ cloning kit
Smart-Join™ Blunt-end PCR Cloning Kit
Chemically competent E. coli cells
DNA cloning

Nucleic Acid dye and

quantitation products

Nucleic Acid Gel Stains
Nucleic Acid Quantitation
Reference Standards OncoSpot™ NGS Reference Standards
  VividFISH™ disease gene FISH probes
VividFISH™ chromosome FISH probes
FISH probes
  OmicsLink™ anti-tag antibodies
Anti-human proBDNF antibody
  NileHiFi® Long Amplicon PCR Kit
RNAzol® RT RNA isolation reagent
Recombinant Proteins
CoolCutter™ SUMO protease

Other common