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Reagents Kits & Proteins

GeneCopoeia offer various high quality, cost-effective reagents for your molecular biology research.


AviTag related products Biotin protein ligase and bacterial strains

  EndoFectin™ transfection reagents
MycoGuard™ mycoplasma PCR detection kit
Cell culture  products      
    EZShuttle™ recombination cloning system
Fast-Fusion™ cloning kit
Smart-Join™ Blunt-end PCR Cloning Kit
Chemically competent E. coli cells

DNA cloning

Nucleic Acid dye and

quantitation products

Nucleic Acid Gel Stains
Nucleic Acid Quantitation

  Cell Proliferation and Viability
Cell Biology Reagents Cell Structure Probes
  Secondary Antibodies
    Ion Indicators
Reference Standards OncoSpot™ NGS Reference Standards

  VividFISH™ disease gene FISH probes
VividFISH™ chromosome FISH probes
FISH probes

  OmicsLink™ anti-tag antibodies
Anti-human proBDNF antibody

  NileHiFi® Long Amplicon PCR Kit
RNAzol® RT RNA isolation reagent
Recombinant Proteins
CoolCutter™ SUMO protease

Other common