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GeneCopoeia, Inc. a U.S.-based functional genomics company founded in 1999, develops cutting edge products and services for genomics, proteomics, and molecular and cellular biology. With emphasis on innovative R&D and superior product quality, GeneCopoeia  serves  the needs of biomedical scientists in academic research, and R&D of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products in their pursuit of discoveries and innovations

  Clone Collections
  ORF cDNA expression-ready TALEN and TALE-TF miRNA precursor Gene synthesis
ORF cDNA Gateway® PLUS shRNA miRNA inhibitor
ORF cDNA Safe Harbor knock-in Promoter-reporter TRE reporter
  CRISPR miRNA 3' UTR target Clone sets
  Genome Editing Tools
  CRISPR-Cas9 Transgenic mice Safe Harbor Knock-in kits and clones
Cas9 stable cell lines Indel detection system
sgRNA libraries Knock-in donors
  TALEN and TALE-TF Chromosome FISH probes
  Viral Delivery Systems
  Lentiviral particles Lentiviral concentration solution
Lentiviral clones Lentiviral titration kits
Lentiviral packaging kits AAV Particles
  Lentiviral packaging cell line AAV Serotype Testing Kits
  Luciferase Assays and Reporters
  Secreted luciferase assay kits miRNA 3' UTR target clones
Duo luciferase assay kits  
Promoter-reporter clones  
  TRE reporter clones  
  Reagent Kits and Proteins
  Transfection reagents Competent E. coli cells SUMO protease
Recombination cloning system RNA isolation reagent AviTag-related products
Fast Fusion cloning kits Recombinant proteins  
FISH probes for disease genes Mycoplasma detection kit  
  microRNA Solutions
  3' UTR target clones miRNA qPCR arrays
Precursor clones  
Inhibitor clones  
  miRNA qRT-PCR kits and primers  
  Pre-made Stable Cell Lines
  CRISPR-Cas9 stable cell lines  
Dual-labeled cancer cell lines  
GFP-labeled cancer cell lines  
  Cell structure related stable cell lines  
  qPCR Products
  qPCR mix and primers miRNA qPCR arrays
First strand cDNA synthesis kits  
miRNA qRT-PCR kits and primers  
  Gene qPCR arrays