Luciferase Assays and Reporters

Luciferases are widely-used reporters of biological activity, due to their bright signals and nearly non-existent background luminescence. GeneCopoeia's Secrete-Pair™ system offers the unique advantage of a secreted dual-reporter luminescence system, which allows reporter assays in live cells. Combined with choices for traditional Firefly and Renilla luciferase assay kits to provide compatibility with multiple systems, as well as superior quality luciferase reporter clones for miRNA targets, promoters, and transcriptional response elements, GeneCopoeia's luciferase products provide you with a wealth of tools for luminescence reporter analysis.

Refer to the table below to compare features between different luciferase kit options.

Gaussia luciferase assays

Use secreted reporters for bright, stable luminescence and live cell assays.



Firefly/Renilla luciferase assays

For traditional luciferase assays and compatibility with many plasmids



Promoter reporter clones

Sequence-verified clones for gene expression regulation and signal transduction









  Vector Type Luc-Pair™ Luciferase 
Assay Kits
Secrete-Pair™ Luciferase 
Assay Kits
Duo Luciferase Assay Kit 2.0 Duo Luciferase HS Assay Kit Duo Luciferase HT Assay Kit Firefly Luciferase HS Assay Kit Renilla Luciferase HS Assay Kit  Dual Luminescence Assay Kit Gaussia Luciferase Assay Kit
Reporter Genes   Firefly and Renilla Luciferase Firefly and Renilla Luciferase Firefly and Renilla Luciferase Firefly  Luciferase Renilla Luciferase Gaussia Luciferase/ Secreted Alkaline Phosphatase Gaussia Luciferase
Key Feature   For Enhanced Stability For High Sensitivity For High Throughput For High Sensitivity For High Sensitivity For Secreted Reporters For Secreted Reporters
GLuc-ON™ Promoter Reporter Clones pEZX-PG04                
miTarget™ 3′ UTR miRNA Target Clones pEZX-MT05                 
GLuc-ON™ Transcriptional Response Element Reporter pEZX-PG02              
GeneCopoeia's Vector Options pEZX-FR01*                
Promega's Vector Options pGL4 Luciferase Reporter Vectors                
pmirGLO Dual-Luciferase miRNA Target Expression Vectors                

* To order, please visit the corresponding luciferase assay kit's web page.