miProfile™ miRNome miRNA qPCR Arrays

For high-throughput profiling of miRNA whole genome expression


The miProfile human miRNome miRNA qPCR arrays are a set of nineteen 96-well plates covering 1,700 of best characterized and annotated miRNAs based on miRBase V18. Each 96-well plate contains up to 84 pairs of PCR primers (forward: miRNA-specific primer; reverse: universal primer) and 12 wells of different types of controls, which are used to monitor the efficiency of the entire experimental process – from reverse transcription to qPCR reaction.

Each miRNA-specific primer used in the qPCR arrays has been experimentally validated to yield a single dissociation curve peak and to generate a single amplification of the correct size for the targeted miRNA. A cDNA pool, containing reverse transcript products of 10 different tissue total RNAs, was used as the qPCR validation template.

Using a universal real-time PCR condition, one can easily profile and analyze the miRNA expression in a high-throughput fashion. The All-in-One™ miRNA First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kits and qPCR Mix Kits are the recommended  and supported RT-PCR reagents for use with the miProfile miRNA qPCR arrays. These reagents have been optimized to produce high sensitivity, efficiency, and specificity.

To help best distinguish single-nucleotide mismatched miRNAs, 61 single-nucleotide mismatched miRNAs from the human miRNome are further grouped together on one 96-well plate. The miProfile human single-nucleotide mismatch miRNA qPCR array is available as stand-alone products for users who want to study these miRNAs using specific PCR conditions.

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Key Advantages

Validated miRNA primers

  • Each miRNA primer is designed using a proprietary algorithm and experimentally validated

Robust performance

  • Sensitive – Detect miRNA from as little as 10 pg of small RNA or 20 pg of total RNA
  • Specific – Be able to distinguish miRNAs with single nucleotide mismatches. Each primer set has been experimental validated for specific amplification
  • Broad linearity– Allow miRNA at varieties of expression level to be detected simultaneously
  • Reproducible – High reproducibility (R2>0.99) for inter-array and intra-array replicates

Largest coverage

  • More than 1,700 of best characterized and annotated miRNAs are covered based on miRBase V18