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OmicsLink™ ORF Cell Free Expression Clones for Cell Free Protein Synthesis



  • High success rate of target protein expression
  • Natural protein folding with high percentage of active proteins
  • Production process is automatable therefore high throughput and scalable
  • Suitable for production of proteins that are potentially toxic to cells
  • Incorporation of labeled and/or modified amino acids for special assays


  • Protein interaction studies
  • Pull-down protein complex
  • Protein immobilization
  • Protein labeling (biotinylation and isotope labeling)
  • Active protein array for drug target validation and lead screening
  • Real-time protein array to solve problems in protein chip
  • High density protein chip for antibody screening and validation

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OmicsLink™ ORF Cell Free Expression Clones

20,000 OmicsLink™ human ORF Expression Clones are available for search and order. These clones are constructed in WG expression vectors with unique features specially designed for protein synthesis expression in WG cell free expression kits. OmicsLink™ ORF clones contain only full Length protein coding sequences without 5’ and 3’ UTRs (click here for more information on OmicsLink™ ORF clones).

Other tools

This database and a web-based search interface currently contain the protein expression profiles of more than 13,000 OmicsLink™ WG human ORF clones using RTS wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis system is based on wheat germ lysate. It is the result of a collaborative project among Roche, GeneCopoeia and FulenGen. Currently this database and its web interface is only available as a DEMO.

For additional information on cell free recombinant protein expression reaction reagent and expression-ready full length protein coding ORF clones, please call 1-866-360-9531.