Autoimmune Myocarditis and Myositis (AMM) Antigen Array, 120-Plex

Product Information

Autoimmune myocarditis and myositis are autoimmune diseases that affect the heart and muscle systems. The conditions are characterized by inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium) and other muscle systems, commonly associated with autoantibodies targeting the cardiac antigens, muscle antigens and neuronal-muscle transmitter antigens. GeneCopoeia’s OmicsArray™ Autoimmune Myocarditis and Myositis (AMM) 120-Plex Antigen Array is a highly sensitive protein microarray that offers powerful antibody profiling capabilities to detect for autoantibodies that are associated with autoimmune myocarditis, myositis, along with other autoimmune diseases.

The 120 antigens included in the AMM panel were chosen based on a thorough literature search. The superior-quality purified antigens were coated onto the 3D surface of microchips to ensure that antigens retain their natural conformations. Internal Ig and anti-Ig controls are included in each array for normalization and quantification purposes. Additionally, the utilization of fluorescent 2nd antibodies in our microarrays allow for the detection of different types (and sub-types) of antibodies per experiment, minimizing the requirement of sample needed.

In addition to this premade array, arrays containing customized sets of antigens are available, as well as array profiling services and data analysis. To order premade or custom arrays, please contact us.

GeneCopoeia’s OmicsArray™ Systemic Autoimmune-associated Antigen Array is part of the GeneCopoeia OmicsArray™ Antigen Microarray family.

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Advantages of OmicsArray™ Antigen Microarrays
  • Largest collection of pre-made whole-protein antigen microarrays on the market.
  • Largest number of whole-protein antigens specifically focused on autoimmune diseae research.
  • Best combination of number of antigens per array (up to 120) with number of samples that can be processed per slide (up to 15).
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OmicsArray™ premade antigen arrays

For pricing, please inquire.

Cat. No. Description Application Antigen list
PA016 Autoimmune Myocarditis and Myositis (AMM) Antigen Array, 120-plex Profiling autoantibodies associated with Autoimmune Myocarditis and Myositis Download
*PA016 is an upgraded version of PA009. PA016 covers 66 more antigens than PA009. Therefore, we have discontinued PA009. 
 User Manual
In addition to premade arrays, arrays containing customized sets of antigens are available, as well as array processing kits, array profiling services and data analysis.

Antigen microarray processing kits

GeneCopoeia’s OmicsArray™ Antigen Microarray Processing Kits for human and mouse contain all the reagents needed for users with a compatible microarray scanner (not included) to incubate samples (serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid. and other body fluids) with OmicsArray™ Antigen Microarrays: Hybridization and washing buffers, DNase I, DTT, and anti-human or anti-mouse labeled secondary antibodies (Cy3-IgG, Cy5-IgM). Slide trays and gaskets sold separately.
Prices are for customers from the U.S. and Canada only. For other customers, please contact your local distributor for details.
Buy Catalog number Description Price
PA100 OmicsArray™ Antigen Microarray Processing Kit, Human (for processing up to 4 slides) $250
PA101 OmicsArray™ Antigen Microarray Processing Kit, Mouse (for processing up to 4 slides) $250
PA102 OmicsArray™ 4-slide Tray and Gasket Set $325
PA103 OmicsArray™ 16-well Slide Gasket (pack of 2) $100

User Manual:

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Custom services

GeneCopoeia offers custom antigen microarray services in the following areas:
  • Custom array printing. GeneCopoeia will create custom antigen microarrays built to your specifications.
  • Sample processing. Send us your blood, plasma, tissue, or other biological sample and we will prepare it for processing and incubation with any of our premade antigen microarrays or custom-built antigen microarrays for autoantibody profiling and other applications. For information on sample types to submit, consult the FAQ
  • Data analysis. Once samples are processed and incubated with an antigen microarray, we will analyze the raw data. The standard analysis service includes: 1) An Excel file of the Net Signal Intensity (NSI) for each antigen on the array, normalized to internal controls; and 2) a heat map
Additional analysis services, including proteomic analysis, pathway analysis, and more, are also available.

To inquire about custom antigen microarray products and services, please fill out our custom quote request form.