miProfile™ Disease and Focus-Group miRNA qPCR Arrays

For focused group profiling of miRNA expression

Introduction miProfile disease and focus-group miRNA qPCR arrays profile the expression of disease-related or other focus-group miRNAs, which are carefully chosen for their close disease, pathway, or process correlation based on a thorough literature search of peer-reviewed publications. miRNAs are important modulators in cellular pathways and are highly conserved in eukaryotic organisms. Irregularities in miRNA-regulated gene expression have been found to be associated with cancers, cardiovascular disorders and a variety of other diseases. The miProfile disease and focus-group arrays allow researchers to study the differential expression of these miRNAs to gain understanding of the role of miRNA in disease pathogenesis or cellular pathways as well as to identify or validate key markers.


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Key Advantages

Close correlation
  • miRNAs are carefully chosen for their close correlation to the specific diseases or research focus based on a thorough literature search of peer-reviewed publications
Robust performance
  • Sensitive – Detect miRNA from as little as 10 pg of small RNA or 20 pg of total RNA
  • Specific – Be able to distinguish miRNAs with single nucleotide mismatches. Each primer set has been experimental validated for specific amplification
  • Broad linearity– Allow miRNA at varieties of expression level to be detected simultaneously
  • Reproducible – High reproducibility (R2>0.99) for inter-array and intra-array replicates
Validated miRNA primers
  • Each miRNA primer is designed using a proprietary algorithm and experimentally validated