OmicsLink™ Expression-Ready ORF cDNA Vectors

  • Expression-ready so no further sub cloning necessary
  • Sequence-verified and available for 40,000+ human and mouse genes
  • Choices of 150+ expression vectors as listed in the tables below
  • Choices of untagged clones for native protein expression
  • Choices of 50+ fusion tags with or without IRES as listed below
  • Gateway PLUS™ shuttle system also available as shown below


Expression vectors and Gateway PLUS™ shuttle system for your gene(s) of interest

Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pShuttle™ N/A Gateway PLUS shuttle N/A Untagged N/A
pShuttle ™ N/A Gateway PLUS shuttle
(no stop codon)
N/A Untagged N/A
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-B01 T7 Bacterial N/A N-His N/A
pReceiver-B31 T7 Bacterial N/A C-His N/A
pReceiver-B02 T7 Bacterial N/A Untagged N/A
pReceiver-B03 T7 Bacterial N/A N-GST Tev
pReceiver-B04 T7 Bacterial N/A N-GST EK
pReceiver-B05 Tac Bacterial N/A N-GST Tev
pReceiver-B06 Tac Bacterial N/A N-GST EK
pReceiver-B07 Tac Bacterial N/A N-MBP Tev
pReceiver-B08 Tac Bacterial N/A N-MBP EK
pReceiver-B09 T7 Bacterial N/A N-Avi N/A
pReceiver-B10 Tac Bacterial N/A N-Flag N/A
pReceiver-B11 Tac Bacterial N/A N-His N/A
pReceiver-B12 Tac Bacterial N/A His-SUMO Sumo protease
pReceiver-B13 T7 Bacterial N/A His-SUMO SUMO Protease
pReceiver-B80 T7 Bacterial N/A N-HaloTag Tev
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-M34 CAG Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag N/A
pReceiver-M35 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag N/A
pReceiver-M37 CAG Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M39 CMV Mammalian Puromycin C-Flag N/A
pReceiver-M62 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Avi-IRES-Biotin ligase N/A
pReceiver-M73 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc-IRES2-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-M83 CMV Mammalian Neomycin IRES2-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-M90 CMV Mammalian Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-M91 CMV Mammalian Puromycin C-3xHA-SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-M92 CMV Mammalian Puromycin C-Myc-SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-M93 CMV Mammalian Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-M94 EF1a Mammalian Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-M95 CMV Mammalian Puromycin SV40-mCherry-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-M97 EF1a Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP(monomeric) N/A
pReceiver-M99 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-mEOS3 N/A
pReceiver-M01 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-His N/A
pReceiver-M51 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-His+IRES-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M77 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-His N/A
pReceiver-M02 CMV Mammalian Neomycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-M67 CMV Mammalian Hygromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-M68 CMV Mammalian Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-M29 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M03 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M98 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP(monomeric) N/A
pReceiver-M15 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-M16 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-M32 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-M33 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-M04 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-GST EK
pReceiver-M05 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Avi N/A
pReceiver-M48 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Avi+IRES-Biotin ligase N/A
pReceiver-M17 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Avi N/A
pReceiver-M06 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-M07 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-M08 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA-His N/A
pReceiver-M43 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Myc N/A
pReceiver-M45 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA+IRES-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M09 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc N/A
pReceiver-M10 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc-His N/A
pReceiver-M72 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc+IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M11 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Flag N/A
pReceiver-M12 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-3XFlag N/A
pReceiver-M46 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag+IRES-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M14 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3XFlag N/A
pReceiver-M49 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-HaloTag Tev protease
pReceiver-M50 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-HaloTag Tev protease
pReceiver-M55 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-M56 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-M61 CMV Mammalian Neomycin IRES2-eGFP N/A
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-Lv117 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv118 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv145 EF1a Lentiviral Hygromycin SV40-hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv163 EF1a Lentiviral Neomycin SV40-neomycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv170 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-Myc N/A
pReceiver-Lv181 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-3xFlag N/A
pReceiver-Lv185 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv188 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv193 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eGFP(monomeric) N/A
pReceiver-Lv195 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv197 CMV Lentiviral Blasticidin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv218 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin IRES2-Neomycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv219 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv221 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv222 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv233 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv234 CAG Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv235 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv236 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv237 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv241 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv243 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi-Flag-SV40-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv244 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin SV40-mCherry-IRES-Hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv245 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin cMyc-SV40-mCherry-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv246 UBC Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv247 UBC Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mCherry-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv253 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-mcherry-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv254 EF1a Lentiviral Neomycin SV40-mcherry-IRES-Neomycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv105 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv151 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv152 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv153 CMV Lentiviral N/A Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv186 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv157 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv120 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv108 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Avi N/A
pReceiver-Lv124 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi N/A
pReceiver-Lv242 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi-FLAG N/A
pReceiver-Lv154 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv127 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv109 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv103 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv122 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv182 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv183 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv189 CMV Lentiviral N/A N-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv123 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv104 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv187 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-FLAG N/A
pReceiver-Lv101 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-Flag N/A
pReceiver-Lv102 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Flag N/A
pReceiver-Lv158 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-FLAG N/A
pReceiver-Lv203 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv216 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv129 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-HaloTag Tev
pReceiver-Lv110 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-HaloTag Tev
pReceiver-Lv211 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin C-HaloTag-IRES-hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv128 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-His N/A
pReceiver-Lv215 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv205 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv220 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin IRES2-Hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv214 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv213 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mCherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv111 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv130 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv155 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv107 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Myc N/A
pReceiver-Lv125 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc N/A
pReceiver-Lv126 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-His N/A
pReceiver-Lv202 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv204 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv207 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv201 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv217 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-hLUC-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv206 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv171 EF1a Lentiviral N/A IRES-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv173 EF1a Lentiviral N/A IRES-mcherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv180 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin IRES-mcherry-SV40-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv179 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin IRES-eGFP-SV40-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv228 PGK Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv229 PGK Lentiviral N/A IRES2-mcherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv230 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mcherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv231 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pLX304 CMV Lentiviral (ORFeome) Blasticidin C-V5 N/A
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
Vector name Promoter Promoter description Reporter gene Max length of insertion
pEZ-AV02 EF-1α Broad scope of application. Better choice than CMV for in vivo applications. N/A 3.2 kb
pEZ-AV04 CAG Ubiquitous. Better choice than CMV for in vivo applications. N/A 2 kb
pEZ-AV06 CBh Hybrid chicken beta actin promoter. Provides better long-term expression than CMV in neural cells. N/A 2.8 kb
pEZ-AV07 CMV Strong promoter, broad scope of application. IRES-eGFP 1.3 kb
pEZ-AV08 EF-1α Broad scope of application. Better choice than CMV for in vivo applications. IRES-eGFP 2 kb
pEZ-AV09 CAG Ubiquitous. Better choice than CMV for in vivo applications. IRES-eGFP 0.9 kb
pEZ-AV11 CBh Hybrid chicken beta actin promoter. Provides better long-term expression than CMV in neural cells. IRES-eGFP 1.7 kb
pEZ-AV12 CAMKlla Highly-specific expression in excitatory neurons in the neocortex and hippocampus. N/A 2.4 kb
pEZ-AV13 hSYN Human synapsin-1 gene promoter, neuronal-specific. N/A 3.2 kb
pEZ-AV15 MHC Muscle-specific human promoter. N/A 3.3 kb
pEZ-AV18 MCK Cardiac muscle-specific human promoter. N/A 3.0 kb
pEZ-AV24 MBP Oligodendrocyte-specific expression in central nervous system. N/A 3.0 kb
pEZ-AV33 ALB Liver-specific human promoter. N/A 2.0 kb
pEZ-AV40 CMV Strong promoter, broad scope of application. N/A 2.6 kb
pEZ-AV41 EF1a Broad scope of application. Better choice than CMV for in vivo applications. C-P2A-eGFP 2.45 kb
pEZ-AV42 CAG Ubiquitous. Better choice than CMV for in vivo applications. C-P2A-eGFP 1.3 kb
pEZ-AV43 CMV Strong promoter, broad scope of application. C-P2A-eGFP 3.45 kb
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-Y01 GAL1 Yeast N/A C-His N/A
pReceiver-YAD pADH Yeast N/A GAL4AD N/A
pReceiver-YBD pADH Yeast N/A GAL4DB N/A
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-I01 AcMNPV polyhedrin Insect cell N/A N-His Tev
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-WG02 T7 cell free N/A N-His Factor Xa
pReceiver-WG03 T7 cell free N/A N-His-SUMO CoolCutter(TM)
pReceiver-WG04 T7 cell free N/A N-Avi-SUMO CoolCutter(TM)
pReceiver-WG05 T7 cell free N/A N-His-Avi-SUMO CoolCutter(TM)
pReceiver-WG09 T7 cell free N/A His-GST TEV
pReceiver-WG16 T7 cell free N/A N/A N/A
pReceiver-WG31 T7 cell free N/A N-His-SUMO-Avi CoolCutter(TM)
pReceiver-WG33 T7 cell free N/A N-Trx-His-SUMO CoolCutter(TM)
Catalog# Description
EX-EGFP-B01 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B01
EX-EGFP-B02 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B02
EX-EGFP-B03 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B03
EX-EGFP-B04 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B04
EX-EGFP-B05 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B05
EX-EGFP-B06 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B06
EX-EGFP-B07 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B07
EX-EGFP-B08 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B08
EX-EGFP-B09 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B09
EX-EGFP-B10 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B10
EX-EGFP-B11 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B11
EX-EGFP-B12 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B12
EX-EGFP-B13 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B13
EX-EGFP-B31 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-B31
EX-EGFP-I01 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-I01
EX-EGFP-Lv105 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-Lv105
EX-EGFP-Lv151 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-Lv151
EX-EGFP-Lv152 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-Lv152
EX-EGFP-M01 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M01
EX-EGFP-M02 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M02
EX-EGFP-M04 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M04
EX-EGFP-M05 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M05
EX-EGFP-M06 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M06
EX-EGFP-M07 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M07
EX-EGFP-M08 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M08
EX-EGFP-M09 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M09
EX-EGFP-M10 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M10
EX-EGFP-M11 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M11
EX-EGFP-M12 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M12
EX-EGFP-M13 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M13
EX-EGFP-M14 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M14
EX-EGFP-M17 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M17
EX-EGFP-M48 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M48
EX-EGFP-M49 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M49
EX-EGFP-M50 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-M50
EX-EGFP-WG09 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-WG09
EX-EGFP-WG16 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-WG16
EX-EGFP-Y01 Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-Y01
EX-EGFP-YAD Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-YAD
EX-EGFP-YBD Control vector (with EGFP) for pReceiver-YBD
EX-NEG-Lv105 Empty control vector for pReceiver-Lv105
EX-NEG-Lv151 Empty control vector for pReceiver-Lv151
EX-NEG-Lv152 Empty control vector for pReceiver-Lv152
EX-NEG-M02 Empty control vector for pReceiver-M02
EX-NEG-M67 Empty control vector for pReceiver-M67
EX-NEG-M68 Empty control vector for pReceiver-M68

Largest number of tags to choose from

Fluorescent tags eGFP, eYFP, eCFP, mCherry
Multifunctional tags HaloTag®, AviTag™
Solubility and purification tags His, SUMO, GST, MBP, Flag, 3xFlag
Antibody Immunoprecipitation tags HA, cMyc
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