OncoSpot™ Cancer Biomarker Mutant Cell Lines

GeneCopoeia offers premade cancer model cell lines carrying diverse gene mutations commonly seen in tumor biomarkers, including EGFR, KRAS and BRAF in the MAPK pathway. The mutant cells are engineered based on the HCT116 cancer cell line, in which mutations are integrated either homozygously or heterozygously using CRISPR technology. These model cell lines can be used to enhance our understanding of cancer biology and the development of cancer therapies.
  • Mutations available in both homozygous and heterozygous forms
  • Puromycin resistance for easy growth and maintenance
  • Premade cell lines available for next-day shipping
Order information

Order Information

Choose from a list of premade cancer cell lines with your desired mutations. The mutant cell lines are provided along with the HCT116 wild type parental cell line. Don’t see the mutant cell line you want? We also offer custom cell line service. Please contact us at inquiry@genecopoeia.com, or call 866-360-9531 or 301-762-0888 for a quote.
Buy Catalog # Cell line Gene Exon Mutation Selection marker Price, Academic Price, Industry
SL713 HCT116 EGFR 20 T790M/T790M Puro $1495 Inquire
SL714 HCT116 EGFR 20 T790M/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL715 HCT116 EGFR 19 C797S/C797S Puro $1495 Inquire
SL716 HCT116 EGFR 19 C797S/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL717 HCT116 EGFR 20 T790M C797S/T790M C797S Puro $1495 Inquire
SL718 HCT116 EGFR 20 T790M C797S/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
 SL725 HCT116 EGFR 21 L858R/L858R Puro $1495 Inquire
SL726 HCT116 EGFR 21 L858R/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL727 HCT116 EGFR 19 ΔE746-A750/ΔE746-A750 Puro $1495 Inquire
SL728 HCT116 EGFR 19 ΔE746-A750/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL731 HCT116 BRAF 15 V600E/V600E Puro $1495 Inquire
SL732 HCT116 BRAF 15 V600E/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL735 HCT116 cKIT 17 D816V/D816V Puro $1495 Inquire
SL739 HCT116 AKT1 4 E17K/E17K Puro $1495 Inquire
SL740 HCT116 AKT1 4 E17K/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL741 HCT116 KRAS 2 G13D/G13D Puro $1495 Inquire
SL742 HCT116 KRAS 2 G13D/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL745 HCT116 KRAS 2 G12D/G12D Puro $1495 Inquire
SL746 HCT116 KRAS 2 G12D/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL749 HCT116 KRAS 2 G12C/G12C Puro $1495 Inquire
SL750 HCT116 KRAS 2 G12C/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL753 HCT116 KRAS 2 G13C/G13C Puro $1495 Inquire
SL754 HCT116 KRAS 2 G13C/G13G Puro $1495 Inquire
SL764 HCT116 NRAS 2 Q61K/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL767 NEW HCT116 NRAS 1 G12D/G12D Puro $1495 Inquire
SL768 HCT116 NRAS 1 G12D/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL789NEW HCT116 EGFR 20 S768I/S768I Puro $1495 Inquire
SL790 NEW HCT116 EGFR 20 S768I/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL791 HCT116 KRAS 2 G13C/G13D Puro $1495 Inquire
SL792 NEW HCT116 EGFR 18 G719S/G719S Puro $1495 Inquire
SL793 NEW HCT116 EGFR 18 G719S/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL804NEW HCT116 EGFR 21 L861Q/L861Q Puro $1495 Inquire
SL805NEW HCT116 EGFR 21 L861Q/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL806NEW HCT116 EGFR 20 V769_D770insASV/V769_D770insASV Puro $1495 Inquire
SL776 RKO EGFR 19 C797S/C797S Puro $1495 Inquire
SL777 RKO EGFR 19 C797S/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL781 RKO EGFR 20 T790M/T790M Puro $1495 Inquire
SL782 RKO EGFR 20 T790M/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL783 RKO EGFR 20 T790M C797S/T790M C797S Puro $1495 Inquire
SL784 RKO EGFR 20 T790M C797S/+ Puro $1495 Inquire
SL700 HCT116 Wildtype $395 $445
SL773 RKO Wildtype $395 $445