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ORF Clones

30% off lenti-ORF

Lowest Price Guaranteed





sgRNA Clones

$119 CRISPR/sgRNA clones







Buy 3 GFP control particles for $399






Buy 1, Get 1 Free Master Mixes



20% off Luc-Pair kits






* Promotions valid for US & Canada only. International customers, please contact your local distributor for pricing information. ORF promo is not valid for $69/99, NextDay or secondary clones. Also not valid for custom or gene synthesis ORF clones. ORF promo is only valid for ORF clones in lentiviral vectors. Lenti promo is valid for custom 200ul-1mL and premade 100ul particles only. Lenti promotion valid for academic customers only. Not valid for customized services or gene synthesis. Promo price starting at $119 is only valid for 1x CRISPR/sgRNA clones in bacterial stock format. Must purchase 25ul premade AAV GFP control particles in increments of 3 for discounted price. Purchasing fewer than 3 will not be eligible for the discount. Not valid on 100 ul AAV. Not valid on custom AAV. BOGO PCR is only valid for All-in-One 1000 & 4000 rxns. Promo code must be noted on all orders in order to receive discount. Luciferase promo is only valid on 300-1000 rxns & 30-100ml. Not valid on 100 rxns or 10ml. No additional discount will be provided. Not valid for previous purchases. All promotions expire November 30, 2019.