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Lentiviral ORF, sgRNA and Cas9, promoters, shRNA, precusor microRNA, microRNA inhibitor clones


GeneCopoeia offers the largest collection of lentiviral vector-based expression clones for ORF cDNAspromotersshRNAsprecursor microRNAs, and microRNA inhibitors.

In addition to the lentiviral clones, GeneCopoeia also provides optimized packaging plasmids, cell lines, lentivirus concentration solution, as well as high quality lentiviral packaging services as a part of a comprehensive suite of lentiviral solutions.


Advantages of lentiviral ORF cDNA, promoters, shRNA, and microRNA clones

High efficiency of gene delivery to virtually all cell types and whole model organisms

A lentiviral system is very effective at delivering genetic material to whole model organisms and almost all mammalian cells, including non-dividing, inactive or growing, and difficult-to-transfect cells including neuron, primary and stem cells. The efficiency of lentiviral transduction is close to 100%, making it ideal as an expression vector system.

High expression levels of delivered genes

Lentiviral expression vectors with N-or-C terminal fusion tag or un-tagged consist of sequence features and elements allowing efficient packaging, transduction and stable integration into genomic DNA of target cells, thereby enabling high levels of expression and detection of an ORF insert in the target cells.

Self-inactivation and no unwanted viral replication

OmicsLink™ ORF lentiviral expression clones are self-inactivating. Transduced cells cannot produce additional viral particles since these cells do not contain the genes needed to produce the viral capsid. Furthermore, upon integration into the target cell's genome, the 5' LTR promoter is inactivated, preventing replication of the viral sequences.



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ORF lentiviral expression vectors (HIV)

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Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-Lv115 EF1a Lentiviral Hygromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv117 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv118 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv160 EF1a Lentiviral Neomycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv170 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-Myc N/A
pReceiver-Lv181 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-3xFlag N/A
pReceiver-Lv185 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv188 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv193 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eGFP(monomeric) N/A
pReceiver-Lv197 CMV Lentiviral Blasticidin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv218 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin IRES2-Neomycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv219 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv221 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv222 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv233 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv234 CAG Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv235 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv236 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv237 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv241 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv243 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi-Flag-SV40-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv244 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin SV40-mCherry-IRES-Hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv245 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin cMyc-SV40-mCherry-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv246 UBC Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv247 UBC Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mCherry-IRES-Puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv105 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv151 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv152 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv153 CMV Lentiviral N/A Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv156 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged N/A
pReceiver-Lv186 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv157 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv120 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-Lv108 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Avi N/A
pReceiver-Lv124 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi N/A
pReceiver-Lv242 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi-FLAG N/A
pReceiver-Lv154 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv127 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv109 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv103 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv122 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv182 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv183 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv189 CMV Lentiviral N/A N-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv123 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv104 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv187 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-FLAG N/A
pReceiver-Lv101 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-Flag N/A
pReceiver-Lv102 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Flag N/A
pReceiver-Lv158 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-FLAG N/A
pReceiver-Lv203 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv216 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv129 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-HaloTag Tev
pReceiver-Lv110 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-HaloTag Tev
pReceiver-Lv211 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin C-HaloTag-IRES-hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv128 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-His N/A
pReceiver-Lv215 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv205 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv220 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin IRES2-Hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv214 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv213 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mCherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv111 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv130 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv155 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv107 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Myc N/A
pReceiver-Lv125 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc N/A
pReceiver-Lv126 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-His N/A
pReceiver-Lv202 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv204 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv207 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-hygromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv201 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv217 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-hLUC-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv206 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv165 EF1a Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv166 EF1a Lentiviral N/A IRES2-mcherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv224 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mcherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv225 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv228 PGK Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-Lv229 PGK Lentiviral N/A IRES2-mcherry N/A
pReceiver-Lv230 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mcherry-IRES-puromycin N/A
pReceiver-Lv231 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin N/A
pLX304 CMV Lentiviral (ORFeome) Blasticidin C-V5 N/A


 Plasmid Prep Protocol for Lentiviral clones


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sgRNA lentiviral vectors


Cas9 nuclease lentiviral expression clones

Vector Promoter Reporter gene Selection marker Viral type
CP-LvC9NU-01 CMV N/A Neomycin HIV
CP-LvC9NU-02 CMV eGFP Neomycin HIV


 Plasmid Prep Protocol for Lentiviral clones


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shRNA lentiviral expression vectors




















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Vector Promoter Selection Marker Reporter Gene Viral type
psi-LVRH1GH H1 Hygromycin eGFP HIV
psi-LVRH1GP H1 Puromycin eGFP HIV
psi-LVRH1H H1 Hygromycin N/A HIV
psi-LVRH1MH H1 Hygromycin mCherry HIV
psi-LVRH1MP H1 Puromycin mCherry HIV
psi-LVRH1P H1 Puromycin N/A HIV
psi-LVRU6GH U6 Hygromycin eGFP HIV
psi-LVRU6GP U6 Puromycin eGFP HIV
psi-LVRU6H U6 Hygromycin N/A HIV
psi-LVRU6MH U6 Hygromycin mCherry HIV
psi-LVRU6MP U6 Puromycin mCherry HIV
psi-LVRU6P U6 Puromycin N/A HIV
psi-LVRInU6TGP inducible U6 Puromycin eGFP HIV


 Plasmid Prep Protocol for Lentiviral clones


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microRNA precursor lentiviral vectors






























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Vector Reporter gene Selection marker Promoter Viral type Type of miRNA
pEZX-MR02 mCherry Puromycin CMV HIV miRNA Precursor
pEZX-MR03 eGFP Puromycin CMV HIV miRNA Precursor



microRNA inhibitor lentiviral vectors






























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Vector Reporter gene Selection marker Promoter Viral type Type of miRNA
pEZX-AM03 mCherry Hygromycin H1 HIV miRNA Inhibitors
pEZX-AM04 mCherry Hygromycin U6 HIV miRNA Inhibitors
pEZX-AM04p mCherry Puromycin U6 HIV miRNA Inhibitors


 Plasmid Prep Protocol for Lentiviral clones


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Promoter reporter lentiviral vectors






























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Vector Reporter gene Tracking gene Selection marker Viral type
pEZX-LvPG04 Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) Secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) Puromycin HIV
pEZX-LvPG02 Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) N/A* Puromycin HIV
pEZX-LvPF02 eGFP N/A* Puromycin HIV
pEZX-LvPM02 mCherry N/A* Puromycin HIV
pEZX-LvPM03 tdTomato N/A* Puromycin HIV


 Plasmid Prep Protocol for Lentiviral clones








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