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Lentiviral Vector-based Expression Clones


GeneCopoeia offers the largest collection of lentiviral vector-based expression clones for ORF cDNAspromotersshRNAsprecursor microRNAs, and microRNA inhibitors. In addition to the lentiviral clones, GeneCopoeia also provides optimized packaging plasmids, cell lines, lentivirus concentration solution, as well as high quality lentiviral packaging services as a part of a comprehensive suite of lentiviral solutions.


Advantages of lentiviral ORF cDNA, promoters, shRNA, and microRNA clones

High efficiency of gene delivery to virtually all cell types and whole model organisms

A lentiviral system is very effective at delivering genetic material to whole model organisms and almost all mammalian cells, including non-dividing, inactive or growing, and difficult-to-transfect cells including neuron, primary and stem cells. The efficiency of lentiviral transduction is close to 100%, making it ideal as an expression vector system.

High expression levels of delivered genes

Lentiviral expression vectors with N-or-C terminal fusion tag or un-tagged consist of sequence features and elements allowing efficient packaging, transduction and stable integration into genomic DNA of target cells, thereby enabling high levels of expression and detection of an ORF cDNA insert in the target cells.

Self-inactivation and no unwanted viral replication

OmicsLink™ ORF cDNA lentiviral expression clones are self-inactivating. Transduced cells cannot produce additional viral particles since these cells do not contain the genes needed to produce the viral capsid. Furthermore, upon integration into the target cell's genome, the 5' LTR promoter is inactivated, preventing replication of the viral sequences.


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