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Exosome Solutions

Exosomes have largely been recognized for their role in mediating intercellular communication by serving as carriers of different biomolecules, including proteins, RNAs, and lipids from one cell to another. There is a growing interest in clinical applications of exosomes as biomarkers and for therapeutic use. GeneCopoeia provides convenient and high-quality products for your exosome research.

LentiFect™ exosome lentiviral particles

GeneCopoeia offers lentiviral particles that efficiently express exosome biomarkers CD9, CD63 and CD81 with different reporter genes (tdTomato, mCherry-Flag, Flag-Gluc). These constructs can help you track the exosome packaging, secretion, targeting and trafficking mechanisms. The ultra-purification of exosome lentiviral particles is also available for in vivo research.


miProfile™ exosome miRNA qPCR arrays

Exosomes are nanovesicles present in the circulation that are involved in cell-to-cell communication and regulation of different biological processes. miRNAs are important components of the exosome cargo and can be used as potential biomarkers.The exosomal miRNAs transferred to recipient cells to regulate target gene expression are of particular interest.  Exosomal miRNAs are helpful for both understanding the biological mechanisms of cancer progression and further exploring the therapeutic approaches.