miRNA Comprehensive Solutions

For studying the role of miRNA or trying to validate a putative target, GeneCopoeia has the right solutions. GeneCopoeia miRNA tools will help you design effective experiments to answer your questions.

  • What is the regulatory function of a specific miRNA? Do quantitative changes in its expression directly or indirectly lead to cancer or other diseases? If so, how much change?
  • How can I quickly detect and measure miRNA expression levels?
  • Which miRNA have an effect on my gene of interest?
  • Does a particular miRNA have the same influence on the same target gene in a different cell population?
  • Are there multiple targets for my miRNA? How can I validate a specific miRNA against a predicted target?

GeneCopoeia provides solutions for every step of miRNA functional analysis and detection


Detection and Quantitation of miRNA in cells

All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR detection kits

All-in-One miRNA qRT-PCR Detection Kits combine PCR technology and SYBR Green in a fast and accurate quantitative analysis of mature miRNAs from total RNA for samples as small as 100 pg.

A novel optimized blend of poly A polymerase and reverse transcriptase with an RT buffer that was specifically developed for the All-in-One RT Mix delivers maximum activity of both enzymes for robust and reproducible data.

When used with All-in-One validated miRNA primers the result is high-performance gene-expression profiling of more than 700 human miRNAs.

Take advantage of the benefits of All-in-One for your miRNA detection.

  • Sensitive — detect miRNA in 100 pg of RNA
  • Practical — detect only mature miRNA
  • Compatible — combine with GeneCopoeia primers
  • Affordable — fits most budgets easily


All-in-One miRNA qPCR validated primers

The All-in-One qPCR miRNA-specific primers are designed by a proprietary algorithm and validated for more than 700 human miRNAs.

When used in combination with the All-in-One SYBR® Green miRNA qRT-PCR kit, the All-in-One miRNA primers deliver reliable and reproducible high performance in quantitative PCR assays.


miProfile™ miRNA qPCR Arrays

The miProfile™ miRNA qPCR Arrays are designed for profiling the expressions of pre-defined or customized sets of miRNAs in various tissues or cells. They are built with validated primers and optimized reaction conditions for robust performance. 

Our miRNA qPCR arrays are available for profiling miRNome expression, cancer, and disease-related or focus-group miRNAs, as well as custom services.


Questions?  Contact us here or email directly at inquiry@genecopoeia.com.