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GeneHero™ CRISPRi Stable Cell Lines

GeneHero™ CRISPRi Stable Cell Lines are mammalian cell lines stably expressing dCas9-KRAB fusion protein for the study of transcriptional inhibition of endogenous genes. These CRISPRi cell lines have stably integrated human codon-optimized dCas9 fused to a transcriptional repressor peptide KRAB to silence target gene expression.

The cell lines are monoclonal with verified dCas9-KRAB genome integration and expression. Simply introduce promoter-targeting sgRNA or CRISPRi sgRNA libraries into the CRISPRi cell lines. They are ideal for the study of gene expression inhibition and genetic screening.   CRISPRi Transcription inhibition by CRISPRi cell line expressing dCas9-KRAS


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Buy Catalog# Cell Line Selection Marker Description Price, Academic Price, Industry
SL371 HEK293 Blasticidin HEK293 stably expressing dCas9-KRAB $945 $2695
SL372 HeLa Blasticidin HeLa stably expressing dCas9-KRAB $1395 $3995


Disclaimer: Pricing for premade cell lines are for customers in the US and Canada only. International customers, please contact your local distributor for pricing. To obtain the datasheet for each cell line, please click on the designated catalog number.

We also offer custom services for:

  • Custom CRISPRi cell lines


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