NileHiFi® Long Amplicon PCR Kit

GeneCopoeia’s NileHiFi® Long Amplicon PCR Kit allows you to amplify templates up to 18kb of human genomic DNA (gDNA), 30kb of λ phage DNA, and other high molecular weight genomic DNA. This kit is recommended for amplifying GC rich or complex targets. The NileHiFi® Long Amplicon PCR Kit is the ideal choice for generating long PCR products with high sensitivity and processivity.


  • High-fidelity DNA polymerases with strong proofreading activity
  • Efficiently amplify DNA templates up to 18 kb
  • Compatible with blunt-end and TA cloning
  • Includes all  components required for PCR except primers and template

Product Details

The NileHiFi® Long Amplification PCR Kit contains a hot-start antibody-modified polymerase that remains inactive before the first denaturation step. The polymerase has a proofreading function that allows mismatches incorporated at the 3′ end of the growing strand to be repaired. Our optimized PCR polymerase can effectively reduce the nonspecific amplification.

Figure 1. The NileHiFi® long amplicon PCR kit was used to amplify different long fragments of DNA. a. The length of the fragments is randomly selected and contains corresponding mutation targets (such as V600E, L858R, dE746-A750, etc.). b. Performance of GeneCopoeia’s long amplicon PCR kit compared with equivalent kits from competitor “Ta” and competitor “Tr”.