Short tandem repeat (STR) profiling allows customers to confirm the identity of a cell line and whether it is free of contamination from other cell lines and microbes. It is estimated 15-20% of cell cultures are cross-contaminated or misidentified, leading to lost time, money and retraction of previous publications due to invalid data. NIH recommends that all cell lines are authenticated before publication. Nature mandates STR fingerprinting data for papers reporting new human embryonic stem cell lines.

GeneCopoeia's STR profiling service uses the PrecisionPlex™ 25 STR Multiplex PCR Detection System to simultaneously amplify 25 STR loci. A unique pattern of repeating DNA is generated for each human cell line and verified by comparing to the baseline profile.

Human STR loci

STR DNA profiling Electropherogram

STR DNA profiling based on multiplex PCR provides high resolution typing with 24 autosomal loci and one gender determination marker (Amel) labeled with fluorescent probes.

Sample Requirement

DNA Samples: Genomic DNA OD260/280 at 1.8~2.0, concentration at 50 ng/µl, ≥20 µl;

Cell Samples: Fresh/frozen/dried cell pellets, tissue (FFPE or fresh) and blood samples. For cell pellets, wash the cells in buffer prior to shipping/freezing/drying the pellet to remove any traces of media or trypsin. Cell number ≥106 cells.

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