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Clone collections

ORF cDNA, promoter, shRNA, miRNA 3’ UTR target, miRNA.

Reagents and kits

Transfection reagents, luciferase kits, EZShuttle™ cloning system, and more

Genomic editing

CRISPR, TALEN/TALE-TF, Indel detection, donors, cell lines, mouse lines, Safe Harbor

microRNA solutions

qPCR arrays and primers, qPCR kits, 3'UTR clones, precursor clones, inhibitor clones

Lentiviral system

Purified particles, clones, packaging system.

qPCR solutions

Arrays, primers, reagents

Fluorescent labeling and detection

Nucleic acid gel stains, nucleic acid quantitation, protein detection and quantitation, and more

Cell biology

Apoptosis assays, cell proliferation and viability assays, cell structure probes, and more


GeneCopoeia Expertise

GeneCopoeia is the largest provider of expression-ready clones including ORF cDNA, shRNA, microRNA and promoters. These time saving and cost-effective clones have been designed with a variety of expression vectors and fusion tags. Along with optimized kits and reagents for your applications, GeneCopoeia provides a comprehensive collection of tools for genomics research. Custom services for lentivirus production, custom gene synthesis and other custom clone design are also available.

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