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miRNA Solutions

-Complete solutions for miRNA studies

  Functional studies
miTarget™ 3' UTR miRNA target clones
miExpress™ precursor miRNA expression clones
miArrest™ miRNA inhibitors
Precursor miRNA clone sets and miRNA inhibitor clone sets
  Lentifect™ miRNA lentiviral particles
  Quantification and profiling
miProfile™ miRNome qPCR arrays
miProfile™ cancer miRNA qPCR arrays
miProfile™ disease and focus-group miRNA qPCR arrays
miProfile™ custom miRNA qPCR arrays
All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR validated primers
All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR reagent kits
All-in-One™ first-strand cDNA synthesis kits
All-in-One™ qPCR mix
Nucleic acid isolation
RNAzol® RT RNA Isolation Reagent