miRNA solutions

Functional Studies

Target validation

miTarget™ 3' UTR miRNA target clones

Available in two types of luciferase vectors, including one for live cell analysis. Compatible assay kits are also available


miExpress™ precursor miRNA expression clones

Precursor miRNA in lentiviral or non-viral vectors. Sequence verified and ready for transfection


miArrest™ miRNA inhibitors

Lentiviral or non-viral vector based clones express miRNA inhibitors for loss of miRNA function study. Synthetic oligonucleotide based miRNA inhibitors are also available

Lentiviral particles

Lentifect™ miRNA lentiviral particles

Special-collection or custom-made miRNA or miRNA inhibitor lentiviral particles

Clone sets

Precursor miRNA clone sets and miRNA inhibitor clone sets

pre-made or custom-made. Lentiviral or non-viral

Quantification and Profiling

miRNA qPCR arrays

miProfile™ miRNome qPCR arrays

For high-throughput profiling of miRNA whole genome expression

miProfile™ cancer miRNA qPCR arrays

For focused group profiling of cancer-related miRNA expression

miProfile™ disease and focus-group miRNA qPCR arrays

For focused group profiling of miRNA expression

miProfile™ custom miRNA qPCR arrays

For expression profiling of custom-specified miRNAs


All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR reagent kits

For All-in-One™ validated primers

RNAzol®RT RNA isolation reagent

For effective isolation of total RNAs and small RNAs

All-in-One™ first-strand cDNA synthesis kits

Optimized to work together with All-in-One™ qPCR arrays and validated primers

All-in-One™ qPCR mix

SYBR® Green-based high-quality qPCR mix

Validated primers

All-in-One™ validated primers

Sequence-verified and experimentally-validated