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Lentifect™ Special Collection Lentivirus — Low Price and Fast Delivery

GeneCopoeia's special collection of lentivirus is available at a low cost and fast delivery to meet your experimental budget and time requirements.

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This collection offers genome-wide ORF cDNA and all known miRNA and miRNA inhibitors in a chosen set of vectors.

  • Genes: — Human ORF cDNAs in OmicsLink™ pReceiver-Lv105 lentiviral vector
  • miRNAs: — All known human, mouse and rat miRNAs in miExpress™ pEZX-MR03 lenviral vector
  • miRNA inhibitors: — All known human, mouse and rat miRNA inhibitors in miArrest™ pEZX-AM03 lentiviral vector
  • Cancer-related miRNAs and inhibitors: — Human cancer-related miRNAs and inhibitors in pEZX-MR03 and pEZX-AM03 lenviral vectors respectively

The delivery time is around 2-4 weeks. For lentiviral particles not covered in this collection, please check out our Custom-made and pre-made lentivirus.

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