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Human and Mouse Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF Clones and Kits

GeneCopoeia’s Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF clones are designed for transferring the ORF of your gene of interest from a donor plasmid into the safe harbor sites in the human or mouse genomes via CRISPR or TALEN-mediated homologous recombination (HR; Figure 1). Over 20,000 sequence-verified human ORFs and over 15,000 mouse ORFs are available. Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF clones are designed for use with GeneCopoeia’s Safe Harbor Gene Knock-in Kits.




Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF Clones

Buy Catalog # Product Description Selection marker Promoter Cas9 integration site Price
SH300 DC-C9NU-03 Cas9 AAVS1 knockin donor clone-Puro Puro CBh AAVS1 $495
SH301 DC-C9NU-04 Cas9 AAVS1 knockin donor clone-Hygro Hygro CBh AAVS1 $495
SH302 DC-C9NU-05 Cas9 AAVS1 knockin donor clone-Neo Neo CBh AAVS1 $495
SH308 DC-RFP-SH01 RFP AAVS1 knockin donor clone Puro CMV AAVS1 $495
SH350 DC-C9NU-06 Cas9 ROSA26 knockin donor clone-Puro Puro CBh ROSA26 $495
SH351 DC-C9NU-07 Cas9 ROSA26 knockin donor clone-Hygro Hygro CBh ROSA26 $495
SH352 DC-C9NU-08 Cas9 ROSA26 knockin donor clone-Neo Neo CBh ROSA26 $495
SH358 DC-RFP-SH02 RFP ROSA26 knockin donor clone Puro CMV ROSA26 $495
Variable Variable human AAVS1 or mouse ROSA26 knock-in ORF donor clone containing CMV-driven ORF of customer’s gene of interest Puro CMV

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Human and Mouse Safe Harbor Knock-in Kits

Human AAVS1 and mouse ROSA26 safe harbor knock-in kits – CRISPR- or TALEN-mediated gene targeting kits designed to specifically transfer your gene of interest, selection marker or other genetic element into the human AAVS1 or mouse safe harbor sites. More than 35,000 AAVS1- and ROSA26-compatible ORF donor clones are also available. The safe integration ensures transcription-competency of the transgenes and presents no known adverse effects on fitness.

To display your kits of interest, select species, genome editing technology, and donor options from the table below. 




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Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF Clones

Figure 1. Genome-editing-tool-mediated transgene integration at the safe harbor sites


Figure 2. Maps of (A) Human safe harbor AAVS1 knock-in ORF clone and (B) Mouse safe harbor ROSA26 knock-in ORF clone

Visit the Safe Harbor knock-in kits page for more information.

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  Product Details

Figure 3: Human genome safe harbor AAVS1 gene targeting of OCT4 and SOX2.

(A) OCT4 (Cat#: DC-Z0092-SH01) or SOX2 (Cat#: DC-T2547-SH01) donor plasmids were co-transfected  with an AAVS1 TALEN pair into HEK293T cells in a 6-well pate.  Cells  were sub-cultured 48 hr post-transefection and selected against puromycin (1 µg/ml) for  2 weeks.  The expression of copGFP was checked under a microscope (Nikon Eclipse Ti ) 48h post-transfection or after 2 weeks of drug selection.  Few colonies remain from cells transfected with donor plasmid alone after puromycin selection (data not shown). (B) Western blot analysis of proteins from HEK293T cells stably integrated with SOX2 (Cat#: DC-T2547-SH01) or OCT4 (Cat#: DC-Z0092-SH01) at the AAVS1 site, with cells alone as negative control. Endogenous Sox2  and OCT4 protein levels were too low to be detected in the same blot.

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