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Lentifect™ Ultra-purified Lentivirus

For in vivo (animal) applications


GeneCopoeia’s Lentifect™ Ultra-purified Lentivirus is engineered for in vivo use, which is subjected to a multi-step purification process, resulting in high titers and ultra-high purity. This procedure ensures that viral preparations are free of conatminants that can cause undesired immunological responses and cytotoxicity, and is suitable for use in animal models.

Lentifect™ custom ultra-purified lentivirus production services are available for nearly any GeneCopoeia clone type, including:

  • ORF
  • shRNA
  • miRNA precursors
  • miRNA inhibitors
  • Promoters
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  • Ultra-purified. Very low levels of plasmid, cell debris or protein residue.
  • High titer. ≥ 10^8 TU/ml. (sufficient for most in vivo experiments)
  • Versatility. Lentifect™ lentiviral particles can express nearly any GeneCopoeia clone type, including ORF (untagged or tagged), shRNA, sgRNA, miRNA and promoters.
  • Selection. Available in vectors with a wide variety of promoters, selection markers, and reporters.


    Looking for in vitro grade lentivirus for your cell line work? GeneCopoeia also provides Lentifect™ purified lentiviral particles for in vitro use.

    Background and Data

    Lentivirus is a widely-used gene delivery vehicle, due to its ability to infect nearly all mammalian cell types with high efficiency and safety. Lentivirus is used for both in vitro (cell culture) and in vivo (infection of tissues in animal models or patients) applications (Table 1). However, in vivo use of lentivirus requires the highest level of purification, to minimize immunogenicity and cytotoxicity.


    Product Type Application Purity Turnaround Price
    Ultra purified In vivo injection, construction of animal models Very high 2 weeks Inquire
    Purified In vitro transduction of broad range of hard-to-transfect cells High 2 weeks Inquire

    Table 1. Purity comparison, Lentifect™ lentivirus


    GeneCopoeia's Lentifect™ Ultra-purified lentiviral particles are capable or robust expression of genetic elements of interest, as shown in Figure 1.

    Transduction of H1299 cells with GeneCopoeia eGFP lentiviral particles

    A B

    Figure 1. H1299 cells in 24-well plates were transduced with the indicated amounts of eGFP purified particles. The expression of eGFP was checked with a fluorescence microscope 48 hours post-transduction.A: 1 µl of ultra purified eGFP lentivirus added to cells, expose time 0.4 s
    B: 5 µl of ultra purified eGFP lentivirus added to cells, expose time 0.2 s

    To order custom Lentifect™ Ultra-purified lentivirus expressing your genetic element of interest, request a quote.

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