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Lentifect™ Ultra-purified Lentivirus

For in vivo (animal) applications


GeneCopoeia’s Lentifect™ Ultra-purified Lentivirus is engineered for in vivo use, which is subjected to a multi-step purification process, resulting in high titers and ultra-high purity. This procedure ensures that viral preparations are free of conatminants that can cause undesired immunological responses and cytotoxicity, and is suitable for use in animal models.

Lentifect™ custom ultra-purified lentivirus production services are available for nearly any GeneCopoeia clone type, including:

  • ORF
  • shRNA
  • miRNA precursors
  • miRNA inhibitors
  • Promoters
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  • Ultra-purified. Very low levels of plasmid, cell debris or protein residue.
  • High titer. ≥ 10^8 TU/ml. (sufficient for most in vivo experiments)
  • Versatility. Lentifect™ lentiviral particles can express nearly any GeneCopoeia clone type, including ORF (untagged or tagged), shRNA, sgRNA, miRNA and promoters.
  • Selection. Available in vectors with a wide variety of promoters, selection markers, and reporters.


    Looking for in vitro grade lentivirus for your cell line work? GeneCopoeia also provides Lentifect™ purified lentiviral particles for in vitro use.