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GeneCopoeia’s Adenovirus products are the ideal tools for expressing or modifying genes in vitro and in vivo researches. Adenovirus is a popular choice for gene delivery applications primarily because of its large packaging capacity, high transgene expression, and ability to infect most cell types, and also widely used in the cardiovascular, liver, muscle, lung, tumor, stem cell and other fields. Once inside the cell, recombinant adenovirus remains episomal and does not integrate into the host genome. Many pre-made Adenovirus are available, such as IL-6, Kif6, LIN28 and OCT4. You can also request us to produce custom.


  • High titers. Titer of recombinant adenovirus particles can be up to 1012 VP/ml.
  • Versatile. Usable in a broad range of host cell and animals.
  • Large packaging capacity. The packaging capacity of recombinant adenovirus can be up to 5kb.
  • High transduction efficiency.
  • Low toxicity. Does not integrate into the host genome.
  • Safe. Recombinant adenovirus is replication-incompetent (El (early protein) and/or E3 deletion mutants).
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Custom Adenovirus


Custom Adenovirus

Custom adenovirus production services are available for human and mouse ORF cDNAs.

Adenovirus ORF Plasmids
Promoter Reporter/Tag Other
CMV, EF1a, PGK, CAG, EFS,H1,SV40,U6 3*Flag, eGFP 2A, IRES



**Promotion valid in US and Canada only. Discount is only valid on particles that express ACE2 & TMPRSS2. Applicable to the following sizes: 200-1000ul Lenti-ORF & -Promoter, 100-200ul Lenti-CRISPR & 100ul Lenti-shRNA. Not valid on custom synthesis services. Sale ends June 30, 2020.