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Brochures and Product Profiles

Product Line  
cDNA clones: ORF cDNA Expression Clones
  Expression Technologies –HaloTag®, AviTag™ , IRES
miRNA: microRNA Solutions
Lentiviral: Lentiviral Solutions
  LentiFect™ Lentiviral Particles
Genome Editing: TALENs, CRISPR-Cas9 and Safe harbor integration
Promoter Reporter: GLuc-ON™ Promoter Reporter Clones
shRNA: OmicsLink™ shRNA Clone Collections
qPCR: All-in-One™ qPCR Reagents and Validated Primers
Stable cell lines: Mammalian stable cell line development services
  Premade labeled cancer cell lines
Kits and Reagents: Secrete-Pair™ Dual Luminescent Assay Kit
  TF-Detect™ Human P53 Activity Assay Kit
  TF-Detect™ AP-1/c-Jun Activity Assay Kit
  MethylAffinity™ Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit
  EndoFectin™ Transfection Reagents
  OmicsLink™ Anti-Tag Antibodies