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CRISPR & TALEN Genome Editing tools from GeneCopoeia

-Complete suite of solutions for genome editing

CRISPR Products, Services, and Cas9 Stable Cell Lines
Genome-CRISP™ Cas9 and sgRNA clones 
Genome-CRISP™ Cas9 stable cell lines
Genome-CRISP™ human sgRNA libraries
HDR Donor Clones and Cloning Vectors
HDR donor custom cloning service and cloning vectors
Reagents for CRISPR/TALEN Validation, Screening, and Cell Lines
IndelCheck™ insertion/deletion detection kits 
VividFISH™ Chromosome FISH probes
Animal Model Services
Transgenic mouse line generation using CRISPR
Safe Harbor Knock-in Kits and Clones
Safe Harbor Knock-in kits and premade clones
Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF clones
TALEN Products and Services
Genome-TALER™ TALEN and TALE-TF clones