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OmicsLink™ ORF Cell-Free Expression Clones for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

GeneCopoeia and Roche Applied Science (RAS) are jointly releasing a complete solution for in vitro recombinant protein expression synthesis and production using wheat germ extract based cell free transcription and translation system (RTS Wheat Germ System) and specially constructed ready-for-expression ORF clones. The solution includes ready-for-expression human full length protein coding ORF clones that cover 20,000 unique human genes and wheat germ extract cell free protein expression reaction reagents. Other products to be released in the near future include protein purification reagents, biotinylation and labeling reagents. This system makes recombinant protein expression and production simple, quick, reliable, and economical.

In a collaborative project jointly conducted and completed by GeneCopoeia, FulenGen, and Roche Applied Science, approximately 13,000 human ORF clones were transferred into several pIVEX based expression vectors. All 13,000 of these specially constructed ORF expression clones were tested for expression synthesis using RTS wheat germ CECF system. The resulting reaction mixes were assayed for the yields and solubility of corresponding recombinant proteins using SDS gel electrophoresis and Western Blotting with an anti-tag antibody. The outcome of this test is highly successful. The result of this large scale recombinant protein expression synthesis screening project is being submitted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journal.



  • High success rate of target protein expression
  • Natural protein folding with high percentage of active proteins
  • Production process is automatable therefore high throughput and scalable
  • Suitable for production of proteins that are potentially toxic to cells
  • Incorporation of labeled and/or modified amino acids for special assays


  • Protein interaction studies
  • Pull-down protein complex
  • Protein immobilization
  • Protein labeling (biotinylation and isotope labeling)
  • Active protein array for drug target validation and lead screening
  • Real-time protein array to solve problems in protein chip
  • High density protein chip for antibody screening and validation

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For additional information on cell free recombinant protein expression reaction reagent and expression-ready full length protein coding ORF clones: please call 1-866-360-9531