Recombinant Human AKR1B1 Protein Data Sheet

Catalog # hRP-C0237-EF011
Size 25 μg
Protein Name Human aldo-keto reductase family 1 member B1
Protein Symbol AKR1B1
Original Source Homo sapiens
Expression System E.coli
GenBank Accession # NM_001628.1
Uniprot Accession # P15121
Description This gene encodes a member of the aldo/keto reductase superfamily, which consists of more than 40 known enzymes and proteins. This member catalyzes the reduction of a number of aldehydes, including the aldehyde form of glucose, and is thereby implicated in the development of diabetic complications by catalyzing the reduction of glucose to sorbitol. Multiple pseudogenes have been identified for this gene. The nomenclature system used by the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee to define human aldo-keto reductase family members is known to differ from that used by the Mouse Genome Informatics database.
Application WB, ELISA, IP, antibody production, protein array
Fusion tag N-His
Peptide Length 331aa(including fusion tag)
Molecular Weight 37.8kDa(including fusion tag)
pI 7.2
Activity NA
Storage Storage buffer: 20mM Tris.Cl, 50mM NaCl, 50% Glycerol, pH8.0. Store at -80°C and avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.


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