Recombinant Human EGF Protein Data Sheet

Catalog # hRP-A0647-ES141
Size 25 μg
Protein Name Human pro-epidermal growth factor
Protein Symbol EGF
Original Source Homo sapiens
Expression System E.coli
GenBank Accession # NM_001963.2
Uniprot Accession # P01133-2
Description This gene encodes a member of the epidermal growth factor superfamily. The encoded protein is synthesized as a large precursor molecule that is proteolytically cleaved to generate the 53-amino acid epidermal growth factor peptide. This protein acts a potent mitogenic factor that plays an important role in the growth, proliferation and differentiation of numerous cell types. This protein acts by binding the high affinity cell surface receptor, epidermal growth factor receptor. Defects in this gene are the cause of hypomagnesemia type 4. Dysregulation of this gene has been associated with the growth and progression of certain cancers. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants.
Application WB, ELISA, IP, antibody production, protein array
Fusion tag none
Peptide Length 51aa
Molecular Weight 6kDa
pI 4.3
Activity NA
Storage Storage buffer: 1XPBS. Store at -80°C and avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.


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