miArrest™ microRNA synthetic inhibitors

Ideal for transient transfection, synthetic miRNA inhibitors are chemically-synthesized and sequence-specific single-stranded nucleic acid molecules that are designed and optimized to bind to specific miRNA molecules. Upon binding, they block the effect of miRNA molecules on their targeted genes with high specificity and efficiency.


  • Pre-designed inhibitors for all known human, mouse and rat miRNAs
  • Chemically enhanced to improve efficiency and longevity
  • Ready to transfect oligonucleotides that inhibit specific endogenous miRNA
  • Available as individual or full sets for miRNA screening
Effect of synthetic oligonucleotide inhibitor against miR-125a


Figure 1. Data showing the effect of miArrest miRNA synthetic inhibitor in a dose-dependent manner. Varying amounts of synthetic miR-125a inhibitor (GeneCopoeia HmiR-AN0094-SN were co- transfected into HEK 293 cells with 1) a miR-125a precursor expression plasmid (GeneCopoeia HmiR0309-MR03) and 2) a miRNA target sequence expression clone expression LIN28, a known target gene for miR-125a (GeneCopoeia HmiT019205-MT01: 3′-UTR sequence of LIN28 in FLuc-RLuc dual reporter expression vector). Both Firefly luciferase activity and an internal Renilla luciferease activity were determined 24 hours post-transfection. The activity ratio of FLuc to RLuc was set to 1 for the single transfection sample with LIN28 3′-UTR target sequence expression clone (left-most bar), against which the activities of other samples were normalized. The result shows that mir-125a suppressed the luciferase activity from the Fluc-LIN28-3′-UTR clone by more than 60% (Bar 2 from left). This suppression effect was blocked by the introduction of varying amount of miArrest™ inhibitor clone against miR-125a in a dose-dependent manner.

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