Full-length whole transcript cDNA clone collection

GeneCopoeia offers 16,000 human full-length whole transcript cDNA clones. A "thrifty value" based on our rating system, these clones include the 5' and 3' UTRs and involves tedious multiple cloning steps for obtaining an expression-ready construct.

To save time and publish faster, GeneCopoeia recommends using expression-ready ORF cDNA clones. With a choice of more than 80 expression vectors and 50 fusion tags, these clones encode only the protein coding region without the 5' and 3' UTRs. Stringent quality control steps are followed and each construct is fully sequenced before shipping.

If you are looking for a Gateway® compatible system, then try ORFEXPRESS™ Gateway PLUS Shuttle Clones from GeneCopoeia which offers both multiple cloning sites and Gateway recombination sites.

For scientists looking for services to meet their specific cloning needs, GeneCopoeia provides custom cloning and custom gene synthesis services. Email inquiry@genecopoeia.com with your specific needs and our scientists will help design the right construct for your experiments. In addition we offer alternative clone collections as well such as shRNA clones, miRNA clones and lentiviral ORF expression clones

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