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GeneCopoeia Products & Services for Experimental Biology 2021

GeneCopoeia is an industry leader in the production of plasmid clones and viral particles for gene function studies, antigen protein microarrays for autoimmunity and other research, reagent kits, and stable cell lines. Our plasmid clones for ORF cDNA, gene promoters, shRNA, CRISPR, microRNAs, and others, are available for human, mouse, and rat in hundreds of vector types, and enable you to perform comprehensive studies of gene function. We also provide ready-to-use viral particles in either lentivirus, adenovirus, or AAV. GeneCopoeia's decades of experience in plasmid clon......
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SARS-CoV-2 and Cancer-related Products and Services

Cancer patients, who are often immunosuppressed, are particularly vulnerable to complications due to COVID-19. GeneCopoeia has you covered for both cancer and COVID-19 research with industry-leading products and services. You can choose from a wide variety of tools for vaccine evaluation, such as Spike-pseudotyped lentiviruses, receptor stable cell lines, and neutralizing antibody screening services, as well as products for cancer gene function studies, including CRISPR-Cas9, shRNA, miRNA, ORF clones, and cancer biomarker mutation cell lines. For more information, please contact inquiry@......
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