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Luciferase Assays and Reporters

Luciferases are widely-used reporters of biological activity, due to their bright signals and nearly non-existent background luminescence. GeneCopoeia's Secrete-Pair™ system offers the unique advantage of a secreted dual-reporter luminescence system, which allows reporter assays in live cells. Combined with choices for traditional Firefly and Renilla luciferase assay kits to provide compatibility with multiple systems, as well as superior quality luciferase reporter clones for miRNA targets, promoters, and transcriptional response elements, GeneCopoeia's l......
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Using GeneCopoeia FISH Probes in a CRISPR-mediated Genome Editing Workflow

  Qihong Xu, Meng Zhang, Xueming Xu, and Ed Davis Introduction Immortalized mammalian cell lines, while providing convenient model systems for biomedical and pharmaceutical research, often carry 3 or more copies of a chromosome or gene (Wistuba, et al., 1998; Burdall, et al., 2003; van Staveren, et al., 2009). For example, the commonly-used human embryonic kidney cell line HEK293 is hypotriploid, with a modal chromosomal number of 64. Further, the ploidy of HEK293 and some other cell lines is not uniform among cells in a population. This presents special......
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EZShuttle™ LR Recombination Cloning System

  -Efficient cloning system based on phage lambda recombination, the same principle as Gateway® technology. Introduction LR Mix pEZ™ expression vectors Shuttle clones Related products Publications Introduction The GeneCopoeia EZShuttle™ cloning system uses the site-specific recombination machinery between the E. coli and phage lambda genomes for efficient DNA fragment transfer between plasmids, the same principle as Gateway® technology. The EZShuttle™ system includes the following major components. Click on each tab above for mo......
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