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EZShuttle Recombination Cloning System

.-Efficient cloning system based on phage lambda recombination, the same principle as Gateway® technology. Introduction EZRecombinase™ pEZ™ vectors EZShuttle™ clones To order Related products Introduction The GeneCopoeia EZShuttle™ cloning system uses the site-specific recombination machinery between the E. coli and phage lambda genomes for efficient DNA fragment transfer between plasmids, the same principle as Gateway® technology. The EZShuttle™ system includes the following major components. Click on each tab above for more detail......
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LR Recombinase Enzyme Mix Kit

Introduction To Order Related Products Introduction The Gateway® Cloning Technology is based on the site specific recombination reaction of phage lambda, an efficient biochemical process that conserves genetic information. It is a new universal system for cloning and subcloning DNA sequences, to facilitate the functional analysis of genes and protein expression. LR Recombinase Enzyme Mix contains Int (λ Integrase), IHF (E.coli Integration Host Factor) and Xis (Excisionase protein) that catalyze the recombination between an entry clone (containing a gene of interes......
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