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Technical and Application Notes

Blog  Adding Value to CRISPR through Cas9 Stable Cell Lines New Discoveries Using Lentiviral Vectors for Screening Cancer Cells Why You Should Use Commercially-Produced Lentivirus     CRISPR & TALEN   Technical notes Knockout By TALEN Or CRISPR vs. Knockdown By shRNA or siRNA CRISPR-Cas9 Specificity: Taming Off-target Mutagenesis Genome Editing: Which Should I Choose, TALEN Or CRISPR? Genome Editing In Mammalian Cells: What Do I Do Next? Genome Editing: HDR Donors Guide  Genome Editing: Applications For GeneCopoeia CRISPR......
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NIH Research Festival

April 23-24, Bethesda, MD, Booth# 759
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Safe Harbor Gene Knock-in Kits

Introduction How it works Related Products Resources Introduction GeneCopoeia's Safe Harbor system is the ideal solution for expressing transgenes in cells and animals. Transgene insertion at the AAVS1 and ROSA26 sites in humans and mice, respectively, permits consistent and stable expression with no adverse effects on fitness.  GeneCopoeia offers safe harbor knockin kits and clones as well as safe harbor premade cell lines.  Advantages Safe integration. Transgene integration at well-characterized safe harb......
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Mouse ROSA26 safe harbor gene knock-in kits and clones

Click here for the Homepage of Safe Harbor Gene Knock-in   Introduction TALEN Kits CRISPR kits Services Related Products Resources Introduction ROSA26 (also known as ROSAβgeo26 locus) in the mouse genome is first found in chromosome 6 in one particular strain of mice-named ROSAβgeo26-expressed β galactosidase from a randomly inserted transgene at high levels uniformly in nearly all tissues examined. This locus expresses one coding transcript and two noncoding transcripts, and only the non-coding transcripts are disrupted by th......
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