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Protein expression

Protein expression What kind of tag can I choose for protein expression? Answer: You can choose any desired tag for your target protein, as well as decide whether you want the tag to be placed at the N- or C-terminus. You may also use a GeneCopoeia expression construct or provide your own expression clone. We strongly recommend using a GeneCopoeia OmicsLink™ Expression-Ready ORF clone, which can come with many different tags from which to choose. Our ORFs can be fused with virtually all of the commonly used, powerful tags designed for any application, such as His, eGFP,......
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Fast-Fusion™ Cloning Kit

Introduction To Order Related Products Publications Introduction For rapid and effective cloning of PCR products   Fast-Fusion™ Cloning Kit provides a rapid method for cloning your PCR product. In just 15 minutes at room temperature, any PCR fragment can be cloned into your linearized vector at will. After a simple clean up step, a PCR-generated DNA fragment or other purified DNA fragment can be joined to a vector with overlapping ends (Fig.1). Up to eight DNA fragments can be joined together in a single reaction. Well-prepared vectors generate almost 100% positive c......
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Georgetown University Show

March 12, Washington, DC, Booth# 5
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