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miProfile™ Custom miRNA qPCR Arrays

For expression profiling of custom-specified miRNAs miProfile™ Custom miRNA qPCR Arrays profile the expression of customer specified miRNAs. Each primer is designed using a proprietary algorithm and has been experimentally validated. Depending on the number of miRNAs and replicates to be analyzed, GeneCopoeia offers 14 layouts to choose from, including 6 types with 96-well plate and 8 types with 384-well plate. Different controls can also be included in the arrays to help monitor the sample quality, RT and PCR reaction efficiencies and replicates reproducibility: Spike-in reve......
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Custom TALEN and TAL Effector Services

– Site-specific genome editing at will   Introduction Related Products Introduction Transcription activator-like (TAL) effectors can recognize and bind DNA sequences through a central repeat domain consisting of a variable number of ~34 amino acid repeats. The residues at the 12th and 13th positions of each repeat are hyper-variable. There appears to be a simple one-to-one code between these two critical amino acids in each repeat and each DNA base in the target sequence, e.g. NI = A, HD = C, NG = T, and NN = G or A. TAL effectors have been utilized to create s......
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