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Mammalian Stable Cell Line Development Services

Stable cell lines are widely used in recombinant protein and antibody production, drug screening, gene functional studies and other applications. They can grow continuously over a prolonged period of time and stably carry a genetic modification or express a transgene without significant changes in expression levels. GeneCopoeia offers state-of-the-art services for establishing stable cell lines for protein overexpression, gene knockdown or genome editing that meet your specific research needs.   ORF shRNA CRISPR Cell Immortalization Cell Characterization Resources ORF Stab......
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Human and Mouse Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF Clones and Kits

GeneCopoeia's Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF clones are designed for transferring the ORF of your gene of interest from a donor plasmid into the safe harbor sites in the human or mouse genomes via CRISPR or TALEN-mediated homologous recombination (HR; Figure 1). Over 20,000 sequence-verified human ORFs and over 15,000 mouse ORFs are available. Safe Harbor Knock-in ORF clones are designed for use with GeneCopoeia's Safe Harbor Gene Knock-in Kits Knock-In kits Knock-in ORF clones Technology overview Related products Resources Knock-In kits Human and Mouse Safe Harbor Knock-in Kits ......
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promoter clones

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.borderleft{ border-left-width: 1px; border-left-style: solid; border-left-color: #F90; } .bgorange{ background-color:#FC0; } .bgyellow{ background-color:#FFC; }   Using a secreted and robust Gaussia Luciferase (GLuc) as the reporter, GeneCopoeia GLuc-ON™ promoter clones are designed for promoter analysis by detecting the real-time activities of over 20,000 human and 18,000 mouse promoters using live cell assays. GLuc-ON™ promoter clones can be ordered as pre-designed or custom-built.  We offer Gaussia-luciferase (GLuc), eGFP, or mCherry based......
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ExProfile™ Cancer Gene qPCR Arrays

For focused group profiling of caner-related gene expression Introduction Cancer Array list Resources Related Products Introduction ExProfile™ Cancer Gene qPCR Arrays profile the expression of cancer-related genes, which are carefully chosen for their close cancer correlation based on a thorough literature search of peer-reviewed publications. Arrays are available for expression profiling of specific  types of cancer-related genes. In each 96-well catalog array plate there are up to 84 pairs of PCR primers, which have been pre-validated and deposited in designated wells......
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ExProfile™ Custom Gene qPCR Arrays

For expression profiling of custom-specified genes ExProfile™ Custom Gene qPCR Arrays profile the expression of custom-specified genes. Each primer is designed using a proprietary algorithm and has been experimentally validated. GeneCopoeia offers 96-well and 384-well custom array types and each array type has 6 layouts to choose from depending on the number of genes and replicates to be analyzed. Different controls can also be included in the arrays to help monitor the sample quality, RT and PCR reaction efficiencies and replicate reproducibility. Genomic DNA control (GD......
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ExProfile™ Gene qPCR Arrays

Introduction Catalog Arrays Custom Arrays Related Reagents Analysis Tool Publications Introduction For high-throughput profiling of gene expression The ExProfile™ Gene qPCR Arrays are designed for profiling the expressions of pre-made or customized sets of coding-genes in various tissues or cells. The resulting differential expressions of profiled genes help researchers to identify those that are biologically significant and relevant to their research. In each 96-well plate, there are up to 84 pairs of qPCR primers and 12 wells of controls which are used to monitor the effici......
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