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GeneCopoeia has partnered with university researchers, suppliers, and prominent biotechnology companies throughout the world. We are especially thankful for the opportunity to have worked with the following organizations: Applied StemCell, Inc. | Menlo Park, California Specializing in: Knock-in Mice, Knock-out Mice, Knock-out Rats, Teratoma Formation Analysis, MEF Cells ProMab Biotechnologies, Inc. | Richmond, California Specializing in: Custom Monoclonal Antibodies, Custom Antibody Services, Protein Expression Services, Cancer Stem Cells ......
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Human AAVS1 safe harbor gene knock-in kits and clones

  Click here for the homepage of Safe Harbor Gene Knock-in   Introduction TALEN kits CRISPR kits Knock-in clones Services Related Products Resources Introduction AAVS1 (also known as the PPP1R12C locus) on human chromosome 19 is a well-validated “safe harbor” for hosting DNA transgenes with expected function. It has an open chromatin structure and is transcription-competent. Most importantly, there are no known adverse effects on cells resulting from the inserted DNA fragment of interest. AAVS1-specific TALENs or......
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Clone Sets

ORF clone sets Precursor miRNA clone sets miRNA inhibitor clone sets ORF clone sets ORF clone sets In addition to individual clones, GeneCopoeia offers pre-selected or custom-selected ORF clone sets at attractive prices. Uniformity and high-quality make these clone sets ideal for large-scale and high-throughput screening studies for functional genomics, proteomics and systems biology. Save up to 90% per clone when you order your ORF clone set today!  Advantages Large Collection. Over 140,000 premade ORF clones. Quick Delivery. Premade clones grouped int......
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