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Clone Collections

GeneCopoeia is the original manufacturer of ORF clones for human and mouse. We have clones covering nearly every conveivable application for Molecular Biology, including ORF, CRISPR and TALEN, microRNA analysis, and promoters. All of our expression-ready ORF, shRNA, CRISPR sgRNA, and TALEN clones are sequence-verified, providing you with the highest quality. Our ready-to-express clones are available in many vector types that let you choose options for promoters, slection markers, fluorescent reporters, and more. Most of our ready-to-express clones are available in non-viral or lentiviral vectors, giving you the power to express them in a large variety of cell types.


ORF clones

Open readng frames with no natural 5' or 3' UTRs




For Genome Editing



shRNA clones

For traditional RNA interference (RNAi)-mediated gene knockdown



Promoter clones

For analyzing regualtion of gene transcription


miRNA clones

For studying RNAi-mediated silencing of gene expression by microRNAs