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Custom gene synthesis service

GeneCopoeia offers de novo gene synthesis services for any genes that are currently not already on our list of pre-made and ready to use ORF cDNA clones. All synthesized genes can be constructed in any of the 150+ expression vectors from the OmicsLink™ ORF cDNA clone collection at no additional fee. A minimum order of 1kb gene or $350 is required.

Key advantages

  • Base compositions are guaranteed for 100% accuracy
  • Sequences can be customized for composition, splicing variant, functional domain inclusion/exclusion/modification
  • Codon usages can be optimized for expression in host cells
  • Delivered clones are ready for use in any of 100+ expression vectors listed below
  • Competitive pricing and quick turnaround time
  • Strict confidentiality ensured
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Gene length Price ($) Estimated delivery
< 3.0kb $0.37 per base 2-5 weeks
> 3.0 kb and < 7.0 kb $0.41 per base 4-8 weeks
> 7.0 kb Inquire Inquire


Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pShuttle™ EZShuttle™ Gateway® PLUS ORF Clone N/A N/A N/A N/A
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-B01 T7 E. Coli N/A N-His N/A
pReceiver-B31 T7 E. Coli N/A C-His N/A
pReceiver-B02 T7 E. Coli N/A N/A N/A
pReceiver-B03 T7 E. Coli N/A N-GST Tev
pReceiver-B04 T7 E. Coli N/A N-GST EK
pReceiver-B05 Tac E. Coli N/A N-GST Tev
pReceiver-B06 Tac E. Coli N/A N-GST EK
pReceiver-B07 Tac E. Coli N/A N-MBP Tev
pReceiver-B08 Tac E. Coli N/A N-MBP EK
pReceiver-B09 T7 E. Coli N/A N-Avi N/A
pReceiver-B10 Tac E. Coli N/A N-Flag N/A
pReceiver-B11 Tac E. Coli N/A N-His N/A
pReceiver-B12 Tac E. Coli N/A HisSUMO Sumo protease
pReceiver-B13 T7 E. Coli N/A HisSUMO SUMO Protease
pReceiver-B80 T7 E. Coli N/A N-Halo Tev
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-M01 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-His N/A
pReceiver-M51 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-His+IRES-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M77 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-His N/A
pReceiver-M02 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N/A N/A
pReceiver-M67 CMV Mammalian Hygromycin N/A N/A
pReceiver-M68 CMV Mammalian Puromycin N/A N/A
pReceiver-M29 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M03 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M98 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP(monomeric) N/A
pReceiver-M15 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-M16 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eYFP N/A
pReceiver-M32 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-M33 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eCFP N/A
pReceiver-M04 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-GST EK
pReceiver-M05 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Avi N/A
pReceiver-M48 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Avi+IRES-Biotin ligase N/A
pReceiver-M17 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Avi N/A
pReceiver-M06 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-M07 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA N/A
pReceiver-M08 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA-His N/A
pReceiver-M43 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Myc N/A
pReceiver-M45 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA+IRES-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M09 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc N/A
pReceiver-M10 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc-His N/A
pReceiver-M72 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc+IRES2-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M11 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Flag N/A
pReceiver-M12 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-3XFlag N/A
pReceiver-M13 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag N/A
pReceiver-M46 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag+IRES-eGFP N/A
pReceiver-M14 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3XFlag N/A
pReceiver-M49 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-HaloTag Tev protease
pReceiver-M50 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-HaloTag Tev protease
pReceiver-M55 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-M56 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-mCherry N/A
pReceiver-M61 CMV Mammalian Neomycin IRES2-eGFP N/A
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-Y01 GAL1 S. cerevisiae N/A C-His N/A
pReceiver-YAD pADH Yeast N/A GAL4AD N/A
pReceiver-YBD pADH Yeast N/A GAL4DB N/A
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-I01 AcMNPV polyhedrin Insect cell N/A N-His Tev
Vector Promoter Host Cell Selection Marker Tag Protease Site
pReceiver-WG02 T7 cell free N/A N-His Factor Xa
pReceiver-WG03 T7 cell free N/A N-HisSUMO CoolCutter(TM)
pReceiver-WG04 T7 cell free N/A N-AviSUMO CoolCutter(TM)
pReceiver-WG05 T7 cell free N/A N-HisAviSUMO CoolCutter(TM)
pReceiver-WG09 T7 cell free N/A HisGST TEV
pReceiver-WG16 T7 cell free N/A N/A N/A
pReceiver-WG31 T7 cell free N/A N-HisSUMOAvi CoolCutter(TM)
pReceiver-WG33 T7 cell free N/A N-TrxHisSUMO CoolCutter(TM)


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Contact GeneCopoeia technical support specialists at or call 301-762-0888; 866-360-9531.

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